Monday, April 15, 2019

The Death of Superman (2018)

It is funny how animated DC movies show how stories should be done when DCEU live action movies ruin the same stories. The Death of Superman was part of Batman V Superman. It took few minutes at the end of the movie and ruined the whole the death of Superman thing. Story arc was big in comics rather for killing Superman than being really good story arc. This animated movie is the best version of the story. Only good version of the story to be honest.

Someone in DC had good idea of killing Superman. They invented new villain to do it. Doomsday only needed to kill Superman and die in process. So they didn't spent too much time inventing him. He is angry and he fights. In comics story practically goes unstoppable monster appears from somewhere and beats every hero until it meets Superman. Then they fight until they both die. There are no other story arcs. In Batman V Superman Doomsday was just thrown in because someone thought it was good idea.

What makes animated movie better is it has more than Doomsday coming to kill Superman going on. It has Clark Kent telling Lois Lane he is Superman and everything included to it which gives emotional weight to story. In other versions this had happened earlier. Animated movie knew Doomsday fight wasn't enough. There had to be more to make this interesting. Addition to Lois Lane arc there were few smaller characters getting arcs showing how death of Superman felt.

The Death of Superman is also setup for next story arc Reign of Supermen. Origin story of one of the Supermen is shown during the movie. Other are shown during end credits. Movie have emotional impact even when it shows Superman may not have died after all. It is something Batman V Superman couldn't do.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain Marvel is another fun and entertaining but forgettable Marvel Studios movie. I would put it among better half of those but not among the best ones. It tells origin story of Captain Marvel and is start of Avengers initiative.  Movie is set to 1990's. It should work if you watch movies in chronological order. This sets things in motion for first Avengers movie and end credit scene set them for forth. Compared to other female lead superhero movie Wonder Woman this was better one. This didn't drop the ball in the end like Wonder Woman did. This was spoiler free part. It is what you can expect from Marvel Studios. It has own flavor but in the end it is Marvel Studios movie.

Now to spoilers. It was interesting to see Skrulls as good guys. When I read more comics they were bad guys. Don't know if they have ever been good guys in comics. In comics they were big space empire at war with Kree. Movie convince us that this is the case in MCU too. But it was later revealed that Kree is the empire and Skrulls are rebels trying to survive. I still can't believe Skrulls as good guys. I wait them to show their real colors in sequel.

I want to see more of Kree. I hope they get bigger role in next phase of MCU. Supreme Intelligence reminded me of Sibyl System of Psycho-Pass. It looked similar and had similar function. ...And in comics they are similar in other ways too. Potentially watching Psycho-Pass will spoil future MCU movie where Supreme Intelligence's real nature is revealed. More I think about it more sure I am where Supreme Intelligence plot is going.

Ronan the Accuser wasn't necessary. I see why he was here but having him here made Captain Marvel too powerful. At least too powerful to stay on Earth in future movies. Which means she won't stay on earth because Marvel doesn't tend to make stupid decisions if they have time to plan. Firing James Gunn was stupid but he is rehired now.

CGI Samuel L Jackson wasn't distracting. It was weird when he was with "young" Coulson who didn't look any younger. Not sure if that was inside joke or something. It felt like it was. Not too distracting but noticeable.

Guess I have to say something about main character. It is bit hard because she felt diluted. She had lost her memory. She was empty vessel filled by Kree. But she didn't felt like she grew when she gained her memories. She gained powers and changed side. But she remained dedicated solder through out the movie. She is like lowest common determiner. Character who is relatable to most people. Story of put down woman rising up was more important than personality. I don't say that was wrong choice since this seems to be empowering movie. I just hope she gets more personality in future.

First Captain Marvel was among better half of MCU movies. Second one could be among best movies if it deals with Kree all the time and Supreme Intelligence is what I expect it to be.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Farscape: Season 1 (1999)

This is Farscape's 20th anniversary. That is reason why we got restored HD versions for streaming. I remembered liking the series but it often happens watching series again shows it wasn't that good in first place. This isn't the case with Farscape. I am surprised how good it looks after 20 years. Practical effects and puppets are the reason. One reason for series was showcasing The Jim Henson Company's capabilities. It is reason why creatures look better than in other science fiction tv series. Some look even better than creatures in big budget movies.

Farscape tells about astronaut John Crichton escaping militaristic organization Peacekeepers with escaped prisoners and exiled peacekeeper. Aeryn Sun is exiled for too long contact with unknown species. Ka D'argo is warrior, Zhaan priestess and Rygel slug like overthrown ruler. Crichton comes through wormhole to their prison break and end up with them on living ship.

First season doesn't have big story arc until episode 18 which start season finale. Before that there is prison break, episode where they find out what is happening to their ship and new crew member Chiana joining in episode 15. Inside slots separated by those events episodes can change places without problems. In some cases changing order would to fix problems. There is episode where Zhaan and Crichton bond but in next episode Zhaan is eager to leave John behind only to in later episode refer to bonding episode saying Crichton carries piece of her within him. Continuity isn't too important in the finale either. One character just disappears somewhere when they are escaping Peacekeepers.

Farscape focuses in characters. Characters look alien and have interesting back stories. It doesn't have philosophical debates other science fiction have. It is more setting interesting characters free in science fiction settings and seeing what comes up. First season is used for introducing the characters and bonding them. What was refreshing was they didn't have roles. They were people thrown together trying to survive and get back to their homes.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Love, Death + Robots (2019)

Love, Death + Robots is anthology series of short movies. Most short movies are science fiction but there are few horror ones. It is like modern version of Heavy Metal movies. Each movie is less than 17 minutes and there are 18 of them. Animation is good in all of them. Stories vary in quality. Some would have worked as full length movies.

Beyond the Aquila Rift and Zima Blue rise above the rest. I could easily see Beyond as big budget full length movie. Really good science fiction movie. Zima Blue is harder to see as full length movie. It was only one with more than just nice idea. It had something deeper. But extending it further might have hurt the impact.

After first eight episodes stories' quality drops considerably. After those there is only Zima Blue which rises to same level. Even over the top episodes (When The Yogurt Took Over) worked during first eight episodes. Second half had all the worst episodes (Shape-Shifters, Lucky 13, Blindspot and Alternate Histories) which didn't seem to have any point. Yogurt and Alternative Histories go similarly over the top. What differs them is that Yogurt has a point to make when Alternative Histories just stack up craziness.

Love, Death + Robots is adult animated series which some creators seem to think means they have to show genitals and add rude language. I am not saying you shouldn't do it. It just felt unnecessary in few short movies. There was no reason for it. When there was reason it worked. I didn't get same feeling from Heavy Metal movies even when they had lot of sex and violence.

Love, Death + Robots is worth checking because the good episodes. It is quite uneven because short movies are made by different people and they don't have any connection with each others. Good episodes tend to be on first half. I might have liked Sucker of Souls less if it wasn't in between better episodes. Episodes on second half don't have that benefit.

Monday, March 18, 2019

IO (2019)

I like science fiction movies with little or no action. Moon and Solaris are high on my favorite movie list. Ex Machina goes to same category. Also one of my favorite movies. All has small cast. Each can build tension without threat of violence. Then there is IO which on paper is similar movie.

IO tells about young scientist woman living on dying Earth. She tries to figure out way to save Earth after almost everyone else has left the planet. Air has become poisonous on lower places. On higher places it is still breathable. After last evacuation flights are announced a man with hot air balloon lands next to her home.

I am not sure what I expected from IO. At the beginning it spend time establishing protagonist. Problems start when she is established and plot should start moving on. There is practically nothing building any tension. Characters spend most of the time literally waiting for something. What they wait changes during the movie but most of the time they are waiting for something without any sense of urgency.

She is not on brink of scientific breakthrough. He seem to have all the time in the world until he decides to go to last evacuation ship. But even then there is no feel of urgency. We learn something new from characters but it doesn't matter. There are couple twists which either were so obvious it is hard to call them twists or felt really weird when thinking what happened earlier.

I wanted to like IO. Couple changes would have made it better and more interesting. Having she being close to find a way to save Earth and him wanting more to be on last evacuation ship would have given them conflicting motivations. Now it is just two people hanging together even when their backs stories gave them a reason to have conflict. Some sort of conflict was written but it wasn't there.

IO is annoying movie because you can see all the potential but they backed down at some point. You can get interesting story from contents of his backpack and his backstory. That story was written there at some point but someone didn't like it. It is not about special effects budget. Just writing and doing everything better with same resources would have made the difference.