Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bitch Slap

SPOILER WARNING!!!! This post spoils movies Bitch Slap and The Usual Suspects.

I have hard time understanding why anyone would like to steal their movies main twist from another movie in way that any one who have seen original movie knows what will happen after twist is started to build. Bitch Slap does this by stealing Keyser Söze story from movie The Usual Suspects.

Bitch Slap is story about three women who try to steal from gangster. But on the way things go wrong and things appear not to be what they appear to be. The gangster tells that he works for mysterious Pinky. Nobody knows what Pinky looks like. Pinky leave torture people horrible. One time other criminals tried to kill Pinky but Pinky managed to kill then with sword.

This sounds lot like Keyser Söze. Out of three women one is useless bimbo while others can take care of themselves in violent situations. Who Pinky could possible be? The Usual Suspects work even if you have seen the movie and know who Keyser Söze is. There are lot of hints which you didn't see first time and big twist at the end is not only good thing in movie.

Bitch Slap is just boring after first hints of Pinky are given because any one seen The Usual Suspects can clearly see who Pinky is. Did movie makers think that people haven't seen one of the best and most respected crime thrillers there is? Or did they think people have forgotten the main twist of that movie? I can't understand why they didn't bother to make Pinky little more different. Not telling killing with sword thing would have helped. After that it is just waiting for major twist at the end.

To be honest Bitch Slap doesn't try to be too serious. Stealing major twist from another movie and building it similar way is not only problem of the movie. Flashbacks and Playboy video like scenes break the rhytm of movie. Unlike Playboy here stars keep their clothes on.

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