Thursday, December 27, 2012

Based on real events that didn't happen

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Fire in the Sky and The Fourth Kind.

I don't like it when supernatural/paranormal/ufo movies are presented are real events. I like movies about these topics but not that some of them are said to be based on real events or true story or something like that. I like to see some evidence before I am ready to believe.

Fire in the Sky is based on book written by guy who is the guy who is abducted in movie. I think it might be little biased source and may not be as true as movie suggest. It have to be said to movies credit that it is more balanced between skepticism and UFO belief than you could expect based on source. Movie is actually quite good thriller until it gets abduction scenes. After that movie tries to prove that these things actually happened. Without that this could have been good movie. Something that I have liked to see again.

The Fourth Kind is as real as The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Actvity. So playing it is real is part of the genre. The Fourth Kind is abduction story with Ancient Aliens flavor. Movie would be better without real story mentions at the beginning and at the end. Close to end I liked movie because I had forgotten "based on real something" at beginning. I was brought down with "based on real something" at the end.

Why these movies have to be presented as real event? In Fire in the Sky I understand it bit because it is based on book by "abducted" person. As far as I know The Fourth Kind is complete fiction with real footage is as much acted as anything else in movie. Then why try to underline that movie is based on "real event". It makes me like the movie less because I use more time trying to find holes in story. Both of these movies were entertaining but suffered "based on real stuff" tag.

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