Monday, December 24, 2012

Invaders from Mars

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Invaders from Mars.

It is funny how differently you see some movies each time. For me Invaders from Mars is one of those movies. Movie is one of those red scare science fiction movies from '50s. In movie martians come to earth to sabotage rocket experiment with reprogrammed people.

I saw movie for the first time over 20 years ago when I was much younger. From that time I remember martians capturing people and returning them reprogrammed with scars at back of their heads. I think I remembered that because changing of main characters parents was made so well. And at that age idea that people could be reprogrammed was scary.

Second time I saw the movie was few years ago when I found it on dvd. That time I saw red scare part of the movie. You could easily replace martians and scifi elements with soviet spys and brainwashing. Story would still make perfect sense.

Today I watched the movie for third time. This time I watched more analytically because I planned to write about it here. This time saw middle part that I have missed earlier. I have seen it but from the first time I remember the beginning of the movie and from second time the end of the movie. Middle part is lighter and more generic scifi than darker beginning with reprogrammed people and red scare later part of movie.

In middle part we have prototype '50s scifi movie scientist with his doctor girlfriend and little boy trying to find out what is going on. Since last time I saw this movie I have followed more what happens in science and skeptic movement. With this background all the ufo BS and bad science got my attention. Ufo BS had to be there since movie is about martians. As for bad science I am not sure how bad science of the movie was at the time movie was made. Science has advanced since movie was made but I think what they said in movie was not scientific even when movie was made.

I hope next time I see movie I can see great shots and cinematic value of the movie. That requires that someone restores movie and releases it again. This movie is worth it. If someone does that I hope they keep the original ending where it was left open did martians actually landed or was this just a bad dream or did the boy saw the future. In version I saw the ending was changed to more happy and defenitive ending. It ate impact of the movie.

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