Sunday, December 23, 2012

John Carter is not that bad

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils John Carter.

Joh Carter is the flop of year 2012. But the movie is not that bad. Marketing campain made it look like big action movie. But movie itself is quite slow paced and there is not that much action. I would say it is as much action movie as Dune was. Which I don't see as bad thing.

Only really annoying thing in movie was John Carters jumps and him beeing super strong. I guess that was from source material. It spoiled movie little bit. In real Mars he wouldn't have that much strength. I know there aren't people in Mars and you can't breath there. But that jumping was little too much.

Other than that movie is quite entertaining if you don't expect big action movie. What makes flop even worse is that story was interresting and now it will be cut short. Who therns really were and what was their agenda. Should I read that from books? No. I want to see it in movie.

In this movie therns were powerful people on background with their technology and hidden agenda. City of Helium was about to invent new technology and therns gave their help Zodanga who was in war with Helium. Why? Therns were also in Earth and could travel between Earth and Mars. What they did here?

It was hinted that planet Mars was dying. How that effect civilizations on planet? In first movie that was on backgound since first it was introduction to world and characters. There is so much interresting stuff for sequels that it is really shame that we will never see them. This almost makes me want read the books or listen audio versions of them, Latter if it goes to that. I tried to read one of the book sometime ago but didn't find it interresting back then. Please make sequel and market is as what it actually is. Please.

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