Saturday, December 1, 2012

Keanu Reeves

I watched Johnny Mnemonic again. It is one of my favourite movies. Not one of the best but like to watch it since it has so much good in it. One thing that is not good is Keanu Reeves. His controlled acting style doesn't suit the movie. Maybe he was only big enough name availabe and interrested about the movie. Still I can't stop thinking what the movie could have been with more suitable actor in main role.

Another similar case is Constantine. I like movie but it would have been better with another actor as main character. Reeves is still too controlled in his role. Actor who would have gone further would have make movie better. For some movies limits come too early for Reeves.

His style suits perfectly for first Matrix. For that movie I can't think anyone better. For sequels his controlled style doesn't work that well. To be honest that is not the main problem of sequels. I haven't seen remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I liked original. For that role Reeves might be suitable. When it comes to our local Netflix I will watch it and comment it here is there is reason to do so.

As for Rollerball remake I didn't think Reeves was bad in that movie. The whole movie was just bad. I don't want to see it again to check how Reeves was on that movie. Original movie is one of my favourites. One more reason to hate remake.

Reeves have been in other big movies. I can't remember how he have acted on them. For me it is bit strange how Reeves is such big name and have been in such big movies. I am not hater but for me Keanu Reeves in movie lowers the expectations. He have chosen some good movies but still he being in them doesn't improve movies. Maybe he likes same things as I do and is biggest name to pick certain kind of scifi movies.

I wish he would improve his acting and lose the controlled style. He can pick good stories. Without his controlled style those movies could be really good ones.

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