Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nothing scientific fiction

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Arctic Blast, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha.

There should be own genre for scifi movies that have little or nothing scientific in them. We need this because people need to know when they are watching scifi that has nothing scientific in it.

In Arctic Blast solar eclipse causes hole in ozone layer which causes super fast localized ice age. I am pretty sure that nothing can cause "They didn't know what hit them" fast cooling. Or if there is something like that the cooling wouldn't be the main problem. I am also pretty sure that they solution to fire missiles to upper atmosphere wouldn't work either in real world.

In Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus two monsters from age of dinosaurs were frozen in ice and then released because of global warming. That is not possible but I can buy that for sake of movie. What I can't buy is that they gave Shark an Octopus super powers. Both can move super fast and human weapons can't hurt them. In one scene shark catch jet in air and starts to eat it. In other it eats Golden Gate Bridge. I think smaller scale and more realism would have made movie better.

In Mega Piranha scientists have created piranhas that have limitless growth potential. Based on how story goes it seems that they can grow with out eating. Given enough time one could become larger than earth and with more time larger than universe itself. When piranhas become big enough nothing man have can destroy them. For some reason piranhas like jump to houses where they explode or to beach where they die. And for some unknown reason all piranhas want to go to Washington.

In the end piranhas are killed when one of them is hurt and others go crazy eating it and hurting themselves in process and so on. How convenient. But they did that earlier in movie too and then it didn't kill all of them. That time piranhas were trapped by barrage. Barrage was destroyed later and that should have caused piranhas to spread everywhere. It was said in movie. But in the end they were nicely at one place killing each other. Not single one survived anywhere.

Mega Piranha is entertaining stupidity fest and would have deserved whole post but now it have to do with this. To be honest I didn't expect any of these movies to be great. It would how ever be nice if these had own genre defined. I like these but I also like good movies. I want to know beforehand which one I am going to get. Usually it is easy to find before seeing the movie but sometimes you have to see the movie before you know.

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