Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Last Legion

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Last Legion. DISCLAIMER! This was done just for fun and using little time and material on internet. If reliable source says something else, believe it.

In this post I try to explain what was fact and what was fiction in The Last Legion. I haven't done any research on issues and write this based on what I know and what I can easily find. There is nothing academic in this post.

The little boy Romulus Augustus was emperor of Western Roman Empire. Also capture of Rome happened and involved persons in movie. Romulus Augustus was exiled to castle like in movie. What happened next is not clear. There are no documents what happened to him after that. He wasn't blood line of Julius Caesar. Even though emperors were often relatives of previous emperor, there were different families in power after time of Julius Caesar and some times next emperor was adopted by previous emperor. I don't think Julius Caesar bloodline meant as much as movie suggest. What happened to Romulus Augustus after castle in movie is pure fiction. Reasons for betrayal at beach were valid but anything else is fiction. Britain was not controlled by Rome at that time so them going to Brittain didn't make much sense.

Julius Caesar had two campaign in Britain but the sword is more from King Arthur legend that from anything Julius Caesar did in Britain. In the end of movie sword is revealed to be Excalibur of King Arthur.

The Last Legion was Ninth Legion. Ninth Legion disappeared from history books at place where they were found in this movie. However that happened almost 350 years before movies time. At movies time no-one would have gone to seek them from Britain which wasn't even controlled by Rome. Finding them from there would have been miracle.

Rest of the movie is from King Arthur myth. It is debated if there even was King Arthur and if there was when he lived. When Roman part of the movie had bit facts behind it and lot of fiction around it, King Arthur part is based on old fiction which might have based on real event and new fiction is added to glue the thing together.

I am not historian only fan of history. Please let me know if there is something wrong in this post. I like to know what is the current understanding of this subject. I wrote this based on what I think is the truth as far as we know.

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