Tuesday, December 25, 2012

World will make sense only if you force it to

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Robocop - Prime Directives.

Robocop - Prime Directives is 6 hour 4 episode miniseries. It happens 10 years after first movie. Robocop has become old technology and is more machine than man. Why Robocop haven't been upgraded is not explained. Doesn't human parts accept new upgraded parts or is Robocop just machine for OCP. Robocop is valuable asset for OCP. So latter doesn't make much sense. What ever the reason spare parts are hard to find and Robocop is coming to end of his life. Robocop still does his robocop things until he becomes casuality of OCP power struggle. Robocop is programmed to kill his old partner. Human part of Robocop starts to fight back but in the end Robocop kills old partner when fighting with vigilante serialkiller. It is left open was this caused by programming or did Robocop kill old partner because it was only option to him.

Now we get to first reminder of series that you shouldn't give your machines human like mind. Robocop punishes himself for killing old partner and becomes so violent that people start to be scared. OCP builds Robocable, updated version of Robocop, using dead body of old partner. Robocop is framed and becomes fugitive. Robocable is send after Robocop. When Robocop finds out that Robocable is actually his old partner he tries to reach to human part of Robocable. This finally happened in big fight where human part takes over Robocable. This is second time in series that OCP loses crime fighting robot because human part takes over. During this fight Robocop and Robocable are almost destroyed. Underground goods guys get Robocop and Evil Scientist get Robocable.

It is time for insane plot point to be introduced. Evil Scientist want to release computer/human virus hybrid. Yes, I mean computer virus that can kill humans. I know word virus is used for human viruses and computer viruses, but there is no mechanism which could make computer virus to jump to humans and kill humans. And in no way anything could have effect of this virus on humans. This virus is over kill. Normal computer virus would have given same effect with out totally killing realism.  I won't go into that any further.

Evil Scientist implants Robocaple with devices that forces Robocable to obey Evil Scientist. This makes Robocable most interesting character for rest of the series. He got his humanity back for little while only to be taken away. Now he has to decide if he want to live as slave of Evil Scientist and possibly cause death of human race or fight against control of Evil Scientist and die in process. Good guys let Robocop keep his humanity. Rest of the series Robocop tries to reach human part of Robocable and most interesting stuff happens in head of Robocable.

During all this OCP learns third lesson why you shouldn't give too much intelligence to your machines. OCP has build S.A.I.N.T. Computer system that controls everything. Saint is given intelligence and something goes wrong. It is not pointed out what made Saint go crazy. Saint is made to kill people during OCP power struggle and Evil Scientist upload his virus into Saint.  B0th could be the reason. Saint controls OCP office and is ready to control whole Delta City. Stakes are high. Crazy computer system is about to control whole Delta City with computer virus that can kill people as added bonus. Who ever wrote this series wanted to make sure that we understand that computers and machines cause dangers.

In the end it is fight between artificial intelligence of Saint and humans inside machines. Robocable manage to get his humanity back. Only for little while for this time too because he end up sacrificing himself to kill Saint and save Delta city. It was human mind in machine that saved the day, not the artificial intelligence of machine made to make our lives easier.

If you don't put too much weight to virus, this is best Robocop since first movie. I didn't go into OCP power struggle part of series or the propaganda part of the series. Now that you are here spoiled about man in the machine part of the story, you can still watch series unspoiled about those other parts. I also left some other important parts unmentioned in case you want to see this after reading this post.

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