Thursday, January 3, 2013

As long as arctic stays cold

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Blob(1958).

The Blob is first leading role of Steve McQueen. It has sequel. Movie don't have other reasons to stay in movie making history. It shows how hard it is to make interesting movie about deadly red jelly. nowadays most interesting part of movie is what it shows about time it was made and how different it is to similar movies today.

Movie seems to happen in small village where everyone knows each other and everyone is white. There is one cop who thinks kids are no good but everyone else is one big happy family. Kids go to apartments and closed shops without hesitation. Police takes kids to crime scenes. When kids do something wrong police ask them to not do same thing again and greatest punishment seems to be calling parents. I am not sure about size of place where this movie happens. It seems like small village until movie theatre scene at the end which seems to happen small or midsize town.

Only problem between kids and cops is that kids have done too many pranks and cops expect this to be prank too. Story of crying the wolf too many times. Role of women in this movie is to be saved or to be killed by monster because they can't act rationally in scary situation. It was also kind of cute how doctor tried to kill the blob by shooting even when he should have known that the blob won't be killed that way.

In the end the blob is flown to arctic where it will stay frozen and we would be safe "as long as arctic stays cold". One more reason to stop global warming but that wasn't the thing at the time. In modern films army would have captured the blob and tried to turn it a weapon. Not flown it to arctic where anyone could have taken it.

Another totally different thing to modern films was that blob left everything clean. In modern films there would have been blood, guts and bones everywhere. That would have changed the movie and police would have believed kids earlier.

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