Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year

This is unplanned post. I didn't want to discuss about blogging. But I needed to create post with this mysterious code EG88DZMCSEZA. This is for proving that I write this blog. I started to promote this blog and some sites want to know that it is really me who is writing here. Please let me know if you know places where I should tell about this blog.

Now that I had to write this post, I could use this to tell my plans for this blog. From now on I will schedule my post to be posted on Mondays and Thursdays. I aim to create backlog that I can publish twice a week. First of these posts will come next thursday. Reason for this is that I think it is best for this blog if posts come regularly, not in groups and with long caps. Releasing schedule may change depending how much backlog I can create. If there is something urgent or otherwise time dependent I will post it immediately.

I won't be making best films of 2012 post. I have seen only Dark Knight Returns in cinema this year. It had its moments but also too much stupidity to be named one of best movies of year 2012. I haven't seen Skyfall or Avengers yet. Avengers should come to Viaplay at beginning 2013. You can expect my comments on that movie after that. And honestly I can't name any other movies that came this year at this point. But as you have seen this blog is about older movies and next one is quite old.

Next post will be normal post. Sorry that I spammed you like this. Happy new year and see you next year.

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