Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HBO Nordic update and more ViaPlay vs Netflix

My HBO Nordic rants seem to get constant traffic. So I think I could give update on issues. HBO Nordic gave up and gave  one month free trial time for its service. At least they told that. I tried to get that but found out that my invitation code didn't work any more. I guess it was too much that I went to read terms and conditions first time. This was after they told me to use my free month without any commitments. It is just same unprofessionalism that HBO Nordic have shown all the time. It is still invitation only and you have to have Samsung devices to watch HD content. HD should come to computers soon. Based on their track record that could mean any year. At the moment it is same to me if they got their act together or not.  I might check what they have on march, but I don't  hold my breath waiting that they have their service running them.

ViaPlay will get huge boost when NHL finally starts. I think I will get their sporting package which contains TV and movies. Currently I have TV and movie package. Some people have got here looking for comparison between ViaPlay and Netflix. It is quite easy to do. ViaPlay have NHL and some newer movies like John Carter and Avengers is coming this month. You can also save some of content to iPad for offline watching. ViaPlay also shows how long you can movies and tv-series will stay on service. Netflix is better on everything else. Better usability, more better content, supports more devices and so on. Finnish library is not as extensive as American but it is still better than ViaPlays. I haven't tried these with my PS3 yet. I should connect my PS3 but I have been too lazy to do that. If I have to choose between ViaPlay and Netflix, it would be Netflix. But both are so cheap that it is not too expensive to have both. Those have so much interesting content that I don't need to get HBO Nordic any time soon.

This was one of those extra rants and useful only for those in Nordic countries. Next thursday you will get regular post. It will be about Dollhouse. On monday you will get my take on Tintin movie.


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  1. Great article Kvesti. For those who can access HBO Nordic in their county like me, you can use UnoTelly or similar services to get around the block.

  2. Thanks. I don't know how out of date this post is at the moment. It is over one and half year old after all. I haven't checked what HBO Nordic's current status is.