Monday, January 7, 2013

Polar night

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie 30 Days of Night.

30 Days of Night is vampire story where vampires go to enjoy polar night and attack small town in Alaska. Polar night is over 24 hours night which happens when you go close enough to northern or southern pole. In right place you could get more than 30 days of night. It is interesting that this isn't used more in vampire stories. Problem with 30 Days of Night is that they got time before and after polar night wrong. In movie day before and after polar night is full day. In real world those days are few minutes or less. Before polar night day is bit shorter than day before and after polar night each day is bit longer than day before.

It would have been exciting to see humans moving and doing their things during short day when vampires had to stay hidden and when night came trying to get back to safe places. How much more options that could have given? It could have been battle between humans and vampires. Now it was more like humans trying to hide from vampires and fighting only when they didn't have other options. I think this was lost opportunity to make something great.

It is not all dark and cold for people living close to poles because during summer there is polar day or midnight sun which lasts similar times as polar night. For vampires this means that they have to move between north and south all year looking for winter and night.  Or then they have to stay on places where day length doesn't go to extremes.

Polar night mistake doesn't bother people who doesn't know how it goes. But I know how it goes it was big let down at the beginning of movie. Otherwise movie was refreshing. Vampires weren't young and sexy as seems to be case in every other modern vampire movie or tv series. This was more horror and blood and guts. Sequel 30 Days of Night: Dark Days goes bit deeper on how vampires seek the night and use polar night. Too bad that it is straight-to-video quality.

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