Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some doors are better left closed

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils tv series The Lost Room.

This weeks tv post is not about Star Trek. The Lost Room is Scifi Channel three episode long miniseries. One episode is about one and half hour. It has more potential than it can deliver. Or it was meant to be beginning of something longer. There is some sort of closure but almost everything is left open.

Detective Joe Miller get key that makes all doors door to mysterious motel room. From motel room he can go to any door. First this sound great but soon he finds out that dangerous men want to have key. His daughter disappears to room and Joe start to learn more about the room. Joe is accused of kidnapping his daughter and soon framed of murder of his partner. Joe finds out that there are other powerful items too and different groups searching for them. Bus ticket transports person who is hit with it to front of abandoned house in middle of nowhere. Pen burns a person. And so on.

Joe finds out that the room is 10th room of abandoned motel that only have 9 rooms. It is hinted that room might have been there but is has been removed from this reality and it never was there after it was removed. Items are everyday items that were in room when room disappeared. One of the items is man no-one knows and who don't age or can die. Even his wife doesn't know him or remember ever been married. What happened is left totally open. It just happened and now room never existed in this reality. This might be better because no explanation could be satisfying. Mystery is more interesting. I would have liked some hints about what happened.

Ninth room is haunted. This have something to do with combining items. Manager of motel is somehow caught in room and haunts there. No explanation about that is given either. It just happened. I think you are starting to see pattern. Mysterious things just happen and nothing is explained. This starts to become annoying. concept of mysterious room taken away from this reality is interesting concept. Problem of series is that rules of the world are not explained. Items destroy lives of those who have them but little is explained why this happens. Somehow those items are like the ring in Lord of the Rings. They give power but become whole life of who owns them. Joe seems to be one of the few who don't want to have items. He only need them for getting his daughter back.

Not explaining thing was annoying but story is interesting and from time to time items are used cleverly. Problem is that too much is left open at the end. Story is closed in some sence but it could be easily opened again if someone want to continue where series ended. Maim characters can't return to their previous lives and I like to know what happens to them after this.

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