Monday, January 28, 2013

There are some places in the universe you don't go alone

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movies Alien and Aliens. DISCLAIMER! I am not biologist. If reliable source says something else, believe it.

After slow scifi horror from Ridley Scott Alien movies went to war with James Cameron. One Alien was replaced with army of Aliens and civilian starship crew with group marines. Movie was much more action packed. Sigourney Weaver returns to her role as Ripley. For many this is favourite of Alien movies. This is easiest of them all. Others require more from viewer. My opinion is that this had overkill in action. It didn't hurt this movie too much but it hurt later movies when this set expectations for them and they chose different route. It would have been hard to make better Alien action movie.

In this movie we see what is problem of Aliens as species. Aliens seem to be too lethal for host species. They will kill all host species and after that no more new Aliens. Aliens are easy species to destroy. You just have to sacrifice colony which have infestation. This movie would have been short if humans had done that. It is also easy to see why army want Aliens as weapon. They could be sent to enemy colony. Wait until Aliens win and then destroy them from distance or let enemy to sacrifice own colony. It is hard to see how Aliens have survived as species. Sure they can stay long times as eggs. Killing of all possible hosts makes sure that they stay localized. And if they ever got to everywhere they would become extinct because they kill all hosts.

As I told in my Alien post I think Alien is best of these movies. Aliens comes close behind. I like first ones realistic touch more than this action fest. I honestly did remember that Michelle Rodriquez acted as Vasquez. She does Vasquez in so many of her roles that I remembered her being here too. IMDB tells that she would have been eight years old when this was filmed. That tells how well this movie has aged.

If you wonder headline of this post, it was in movie poster. I didn't want to use tag line "This time it's war". For next post I have to think something else. I am not sure if I make own post for third movie or do I combine last two in one post. I am one of those few who actually liked third movie.

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