Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holy bat-month, Batman

March will be holy bat-month in this blog. I will post about all eight Batman movies starting from one staring Adam West and ending with Nolans Dark Knight trilogy. Aliens posts were fun to write and I think I could get something similar from Batman movies. These eight movies contain great movies and one of the worst movies ever make and anything between those. Those movies also include the movie I have seen more times than any other movie.

This means that promised Star Trek posts will be delayed even further. I try to write something at least the best episodes. maybe they are on their way.

This is good time to rant about Batman tv series. Batman the Movie is only thing that is released in dvd or blu ray format. For some strange reason tv series is not released on any home entertainment format. It is in syndication but you can't buy it. This is real disgrace. Series is so legendary and part of western popular culture that it should have some kind of release. Wikipedia gives different reasons what it hasn't been released. I guess nobody know what is correct reason. Someone should check what is the problem and solve it.

I know there is tv movie Return to Batcave but I don't count that as part of Batman tv series or Batman movie. It is nostalgia trip with Adam West and Burt Ward and few other familiar face. Interesting movie if you love tv series. I would write more about it if I own it or had change to see it again.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Avengers

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils The Avengers movie. ...and warning of fan boy review.

I have to jump in The Avengers bandwagon. It is one of those movies that get everything right. I am not big fan of comic. I have read it but I like X-Men more. It have more character and shades. Avengers comics were too clean and characters are too kid like. I didn't know how Captain America or Hawkeye could look good in movie like this. Loki is not my favourite villain. He feels odd villain in Marvel universe. I have read good Black Widow comics but didn't have high hopes for Scarlett Johansson in role. I haven't seen Iron Man 2, Thor or Captain America movies. I didn't know what to expect. I just heard that comic fans love this movie.

Tom Hiddleston makes perfect Loki. Tough guy when he is most powerful guy around and cunning hiding sharp tongue when he needs to be.  Loki is suits to be villain of first movie where characters are introduced and main villain of movie series is still on background. Characters were introduced in own movies in this case but concept of The Avengers was introduced in this movie.  Loki had few great moments. Beginning of the movie, how it is human nature to submit speech, dialog with Thor, dialog with Black Widow and fight with Hulk. I have to see Thor movie to see more Loki.

Captain America is not that bad in this movie. My opinion of the character is that he is doped man with stupid unbreakable shield that he throws all the time. I never liked the character. Character named Captain America have to be clean boy scout with out too much edge. I think this movie helped me to see what those people who think he is best super hero sees in him. This movie didn't make me fan of Captain but he was ok in this movie. Hawkeye is normal guy with his stupid bow and arrows. Him being in group that fights against cosmic level threats don't make much sense. In real world he would be one of the first casualties. In this movie he had quite big role and he was used correctly. Scarlett Johansson is not best possible actress for role of Black Widow. in this movie Black Widow what she is  in best Black Widow comics. And Scarlett Johansson doesn't ruin the character. All these non-super powered character can hold their own in the movie.

Mark Ruffalo is great as Bruce Banner/Hulk. After "That's my secret, Cap: I'm always angry" line, I want to see dark Hulk movie with Mark Ruffolo as Hulk. Please, give me that. Robert Downey jr was as good as ever. Thor... well he was like Thor in comics. I like to see Thor movie but it is because of Loki. One thing I didn't like in movie was characters behaving like children some times. That is from comics but it eats realism. I know you can't talk much about realism in movie like this.

"Humans... They are not the cowering wretches we were promised. They stand. They are unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled. To challenge them is to court death." Thanos smiles. This was all the teasing next movie needs. We will surely get more when release date of that comes. I hope Joss Whedon is behind of that too.  This movie showed he know how to deliver this super hero movie.  This was fan boy review but I could not help myself. Next week it will be post about Prometheus. That won't be this kind of post.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The greatest speech ever made - Charlie Chaplin

I didn't understand how good this speech was until I saw this video. That music makes the difference. I have seen The Great Dictator few times, but felt that this was only good speech not as great as it feels in this video.

Watching this made me want to see The Great Dictator and Modern Times again. I check those from streaming services I use but none of them had any Charles Chaplin movies. Both seem to be on Youtube, but I don't like to watch my movies from there. I have to think about what I do. I could write something about those movies. March posts will be about non-sense movies. So first posts of April could be about good serious movies.

More about March next thursday. As a hint I could say that there will be eight movie posts and those movies are based on same characters but are not part of same continuity.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wrath of Titans

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movies Clash of Titans and Wrath of Titans.

First question is was Clash of Titans so good that it needs sequel or didn't someone hate the ending of movie so much that it needed sequel with more normal Hollywood ending. I assume later. Clash of Titans had good ideas but ended up being good looking cgi show case. Story was reduced to series of action scenes and  second movie continues in sam path. Were atheistic themes too much for someone and that is why philosophical content is reduced to almost non-existent?

In these movies Gods are higher entities who get their powers when humans worship them. I get in to that concept more when I write about Star Trek episode Who Mourns for Adonais. In first movie humans are abandoning their gods. Gods try to force humans in to worshiping them again. Perseus, son of Zeus, saves the day. Despite being half-god himself Perseus doesn't want to have anything to do with gods. In the end he refuses to take the queen or become god. He returns to be fisherman he was at beginning of the movie.

At beginning of Wrath of Titans gods are losing more and more their powers because humans are worshiping them less. Zeus fears that Kronos (sometimes named as Cronus) could escape from Tartarus when gods have lost most of their powers. Perseus refuses to join Zeus. Zeus is betrayed by Hades who has made deal with Kronos. Now little lesson in ancient Creek mythology. Kronos was father of Zeus, Hades and other gods. He ate all his children because he was told that one of his children will overthrow him. Zeus got away, managed to free his siblings and prison Kronos to Tartarus. When Zeus and others gods decided who will rule what, Zeus tricked Hades to rule underworld. That is why Hades doesn't like Zeus much. This is where movie follows ancient Creek mythology. Kronos is replaces with Surtur (sometimes named as Surtr), fire giant from norse mythology. In ancient Creek mythology age when Kronos rules was called golden age. In this movie Kronos brings more Raknarök than golden age.

Zeus was betrayed at beginning of the movie. That was followed by series of action scenes. All that happens storyline is that our protagonists get from place A to place B. Then comes final battle. There is no suspense in movie. You know that protagonists will win. Only problem is how. I guess director knew lack of suspense and tried to make Kronos as impossible as possible. Kronos is living molten lava in human form. Every time he moved molten lava rained to ground. This thing is hundreds of meters long. This thing goes against bronze age army with their bows and shields and spears. Oh the suspense. Kronos winning would be real let down. Humans winning seems impossible. As with rest of the movie there is no suspense because you know that Perseus will win somehow.

This movie ends with Zeus and Poseidon dead. Only god living is Hades but he has lost his powers. If we see this as atheism analogy, people have become atheists by this time. Makes me wonder will we see third movie where people live without gods. This movie got Hollywood ending with Perseus taking the Queen at the end. No loose end were left. So third movie may not come.

Monday, February 18, 2013

You don't see that kind of twists in Hollywood productions

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movies Violent Cop and Oldboy. Oldboy should be watched unspoiled. It doesn't hurt with Violent Cop. Both movies have twists that won't have as big impact spoiled. And spoiled they will be in this post. So you should watch movie before reading this I you are planning to see them. Both movies are worth watching.

Some movies have twists that you can't expect but make perfect sense in context of the movie. I watched two of these movies. Oldboy have real big twist. Violent Cop have few moments you don't expect. Both are asian movie which explains why they could have twists american movies don't have.

Violent Cop is Takeshi Kitano movie about Dirty Harry like cop who is violent towards everyone. In movie Violent Cop tries to arrest Violent Criminal. I will call them Cop and Criminal from now on. Close to end Criminal kidnap Cops sister. Criminal tortures sister and make her drug addict. Cop is fired because he broke too many laws. Cop buys gun and go to shoot the boss of the criminal. Boss was in movie before and cop had discussed with him. But this came out of the blue. It makes perfectly sense. Cop don't know where his sister is and he thinks boss is somehow responsible of this. Just randomness of life. In other scene Criminal have three of his buddies with him. Criminal gives guns to his buddies and tell that Cop is coming there and it is going to be bloody. Buddies are hesitant. One of buddies says or does something wrong and Criminal shoots him. Wow! Criminal talked about shooting them if they didn't join him in fight with Cop. But cold blooded shooting wasn't expected. That wouldn't have happened in Hollywood movie. Criminal ends up  shooting second buddy and third escape to be shot by Cop. This movie is not bluffing.

Oldboy is about annoying man who is hijacked and kept in private jail for 15 years. During this time he plans his revenge and learns to fight. He is almost ready to escape when he is released. When outside he start to search person who is behind his jailing. This movie is really something else. For my western view some people act weird. For example owned of Private Jail Owned is tortured by Oldboy and Man Behind Curtains cuts his hand, but Oldboy trusts Private Jail Owner so much that let his lover to say with him when he goes to see Man Behind Curtains. If name didn't show it Oldboy was in jail owned by Private Jail Owner.

At the end Oldboy meets Man Behind Curtains. Question is not why Oldboy was jailed for 15 year but why he was released after 15 years. Then movie turns upside down. Oldboy finds out that his lover is actually his daughter and they both were hypnotized to fall in love with each other. Man Behind Curtains did this because Oldboys rumors have caused dead of Man Behind Curtains sisters death. Man Behind Curtains and his sister were lovers. I have to say that I didn't see that coming. You don't see that kind of twists in Hollywood productions.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prometheus - Intelligent Design and Ancient Aliens

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Prometheus.

You can thank Charlee from for this post. She commented my Alien post and woke my interrest of this movie. This is published on thursday because I haven't got enough tv series backlog and putting this to movie backlog would have taken this to month further.

Before watching this movie I didn't know how close Intelligent Design and Ancient Aliens were. Ancient Aliens is idea that almost every human advancement is because aliens visited Earth. Intelligent Design exists because some people want to say that god did it. Intelligent Design doesn't answer to question how Intelligent Designed came to be. Both ideas try to say that humans can't do anything and everything good is from someone else. It is kind of fitting that proponents of both ideas can't produce useful things. Alien movies had some science behind them. It is easy to see why Alien fans hate this movie which is based so unscientific ideas. Characters in this movie acted more like little kids than scientists. But I don't go deeper in to that. I guess you can google all the stupid things they did.

This movies suggest that intelligent designers are alien race called Engineers. Engineers have 100% dna match with humans. I don't know what it takes to get 100% dna match but I don't expect it needs much. Dna varies between humans so much that you can identify persons by dna. Not to mention that Engineers look and sized differently than humans. Other thing why this doesn't make sense it way how Engineers started life on earth. One of them took poison which disintegrated its body. How that dna created all life on earth and then came back to create humans with 100% dna match with original dna. That must be miracle.

For some reason Engineer changed their minds and started to plan destruction of humans. They created biological weapon. Not smartest idean when you have 100% dna match with your targets. Something went wrong and Engineers get killed themselves. Now we get to interesting problem. Humans came to this place because Ancient Aliens had invited them during millenias. But place is military installation which make bioweapons to kill human race. Did Engineers really planned this for millenias and why they didn't try to find other ways to kill humans during that time? if this was not the case why humans were invited there? This was left open and we might see answers in sequels of Prometheus. If there ever will be ones. This was not Alien movie but it showed us the origin of Aliens.

Aliens were this bioweapon Engineers developed. In overly complicated lifecycle weapon is liquid which poisons its host. When poisoned person have sex, female get pregnant with original facehugger, which itself is something very different from what we saw in Alien movies. This facehugger starts Alien life cycle. Some kind of worms with facehuggers features grew in poison too, but those didn't create chestbursters. Those made humans "zombies". This origin story makes sense. Aliens weren't spieces that could survive on their own. They were more like biological weapon. Which this movie made them.

I didn't end up hating this movie passionately as some have done. I liked how it looked and sounded. I have the score on iTunes. Story itself was quite stupid as were characters. But not enough for me to hate the movie. I probably won't watch this again. This is what I call big budget nothing scientific fiction. If Ancient Aliens and Intelligent Design gets you angry, you better not watch this. Otherwise it is good looking and sounding movie with nonsense story.

Inside the Battle of Hoth

Inside the Battle of Hoth

I haven't shared links in this blog, but I have to share this. If you like this blog I am pretty sure you like that link.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Beyond salvation

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Alien Resurrection.

I wrote drafts of earlier Alien movie post before watching the movies. I didn't have to change much after watching. I couldn't do that with this one. After seeing it, it is pretty hard to write anything about it. It is more like bad dream than movie. You are just glad when it is over. I watched special editions of previous movies. I tried to do same with this. In introduction director Jean-Pierre Jeunet tell that original version was directors cut and this was special version with stuff that they made for movie but never used. I couldn watch whole alternative opening sequence. It made whole thing look like bad joke. So I watched original cut which after all was directors cut.

This movie was written by Joss Whedon. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has also proven his worth in other movies. I really don't know what went wrong. Maybe they wanted to destroy the franchise. There is scene in this movie where Ripley and other survivors find man who has alien growing inside of him. Man don't know where he is and how he got there. All he knows is he was on his way to work and then woke up laboratory. Man asks who they are. Ripley tell that those guys are pirates that hi-jacked his body and sold it to that scientist, who put monster in side of him, and she is mother of monster. Viewer surely feel like that man. Series had good movies and this is nightmare that you want to end.

Space ship they are in recognize people by their breath.  Yes. By their breath. This is future and for some reason breath seems to best way to recognize people. Except if someone have correct chemicals in spray form. And someone did have. Rest of the movie makes as much sense. Aliens are no longer species they are monsters from dreams and do what ever bad dream requires. Skeletor-alien is disgrace to alien designs of previous movies. Less said about that better. Ship is programmed to go back to earth if something goes wrong in their bioweapons experiments. Nobody saw that this could be somehow bad thing. Aliens are kept in cells that can't keep them inside if they bleed. There is no way that these violent creatures could ever bleed.

I am not sure if I am ever brave enough to watch directors cut which is longer than this. I have heard that it don't make movie any better. Only longer. Answer to question that made me watch all these movies is: Ripley was never made lieutenant. In third movie she was refered as lieutenant but in she wasn't one in first two movies. At least it doesn't happen in special editions of first movies.

I didn't have Prometheus on schedule. I got comments on my Alien post that made me want to watch it. So I did watch it and my post about that movie will be published on thursday.  Next week will be something else.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Words make sense

I am not sure if that is true with this blog. Someone found this blog using those words. I can only guess how many pages of results he/she had to check before finding this blog. As you may have guessed this is one of those lazy posts. I couldn't get enough backlog for tv series posts. Watching all the Star Trek episodes started to feel like work. I have seen every episode at least three times. I may not watch every episode. Only those I know I can write something about. That would be ten plus something episodes. I am not sure what I do with it. Next thursday you will get another real post. I don't know what will be after that. I try to make something there. Monday posts will come normally and I have some backlog on them. Now that I am not so into watching movies or tv-series, thursday posts will be what ever I can come up with.

This is not because NHL started. Sometimes I wonder why I am paying for NHL when I may watch one or two games in week while doing something else. I might watch more if NHL Gamecenter showed old games with out commercial and other breaks. Watching live is option only on weekend when they play games earlier. During weekdays they play after midnight of my local time. This is because I am interested of making music at the moment. I have blog about that too. You can find it from I don't think readers of this blog find it too interesting but there it is if you want to check it.

Fun fact about this blog. If you search "Facehugger erotic horror" from Google this blog comes on second page. After Google index this post it may be on first page. I didn't search that. Webmaster tools of Google and Bing show interesting searches that found this blog.

As I told earlier, next thursday there will be real post. When you read it you know why it could not be published today.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Alien 3 - Why I like it and why others hate it

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils first three Alien movies.

As I told earlier I like this movie. I like David Finchers movies. For me this is at level of Seven and Fightclub. This have similar cold, medical and depressive feeling that those movies had. When this movie was made people didn't know Fincher or his style. Also this movie wasn't finished by Fincher. I watched special edition which is closer to Finchers vision than original release. It is also better. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you check that. I also liked the original version.

I think movie is hated mainly for two reasons. FIrst is dying of Ripley. Second is expectations after Aliens. Viewers expected this to be similar action packed horror adventure as Aliens. They didn't expect depressive art movie. I liked movies style but I understand if action fans didn't like it.

After first two movies Ripley had become loved positive female  role model. Rarity in action genre. In first movie Ripley was only one who didn't bend the rules and if others did what she said there wouldn't have been so many casualties. She was like mother when captain was father who led the family to danger. In the end Ripley saved what there was to be saved. In Aliens Ripley returns to her mother role. This time she watches over children who play dangerous game even when she warned them. This time too she has to save what there is to be saved. In the end she got her new family to safety.

Between Aliens and Alien 3 Ripleys family is killed and she is raped. To top that she carries her rapists child and have to go to jail. This ruined little bit happy ending of Aliens. What follows isn't going to be any happier. Movie happens in prison planet where there are no weapons. Movie alienated all Ripley fans and all action movie fans from get go. Those being people who waited this movie most. In first two movie Ripley was mother figure. In this she is one of guys among inmates. To underline this Ripleys head is shaved and she dresses like inmates. As  a mother she kill herself and alien she gave birth in the end. Not something most people expected from this movie.

I liked this unexpected nature of movie. It is unexpected after Aliens but it follows first movie almost where it left us. Also in spirit. This makes Aliens the weird one in trilogy. Movie showed how vulnerable people are is suspended animation. This was hinted little bit in end of first movie. Now it was shown to us. I also liked to hopelessness and sad end. It was fitting end for series. This end also meant that next movie would have hard time being part of the whole.

To me special edition version of this movie is second best movie of series. I also watched special edition of Aliens which is better that original release. If only Fincher would have been able to finnish this movie. Then it might have been best of them all. Now it is only second best.