Monday, February 11, 2013

Beyond salvation

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Alien Resurrection.

I wrote drafts of earlier Alien movie post before watching the movies. I didn't have to change much after watching. I couldn't do that with this one. After seeing it, it is pretty hard to write anything about it. It is more like bad dream than movie. You are just glad when it is over. I watched special editions of previous movies. I tried to do same with this. In introduction director Jean-Pierre Jeunet tell that original version was directors cut and this was special version with stuff that they made for movie but never used. I couldn watch whole alternative opening sequence. It made whole thing look like bad joke. So I watched original cut which after all was directors cut.

This movie was written by Joss Whedon. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has also proven his worth in other movies. I really don't know what went wrong. Maybe they wanted to destroy the franchise. There is scene in this movie where Ripley and other survivors find man who has alien growing inside of him. Man don't know where he is and how he got there. All he knows is he was on his way to work and then woke up laboratory. Man asks who they are. Ripley tell that those guys are pirates that hi-jacked his body and sold it to that scientist, who put monster in side of him, and she is mother of monster. Viewer surely feel like that man. Series had good movies and this is nightmare that you want to end.

Space ship they are in recognize people by their breath.  Yes. By their breath. This is future and for some reason breath seems to best way to recognize people. Except if someone have correct chemicals in spray form. And someone did have. Rest of the movie makes as much sense. Aliens are no longer species they are monsters from dreams and do what ever bad dream requires. Skeletor-alien is disgrace to alien designs of previous movies. Less said about that better. Ship is programmed to go back to earth if something goes wrong in their bioweapons experiments. Nobody saw that this could be somehow bad thing. Aliens are kept in cells that can't keep them inside if they bleed. There is no way that these violent creatures could ever bleed.

I am not sure if I am ever brave enough to watch directors cut which is longer than this. I have heard that it don't make movie any better. Only longer. Answer to question that made me watch all these movies is: Ripley was never made lieutenant. In third movie she was refered as lieutenant but in she wasn't one in first two movies. At least it doesn't happen in special editions of first movies.

I didn't have Prometheus on schedule. I got comments on my Alien post that made me want to watch it. So I did watch it and my post about that movie will be published on thursday.  Next week will be something else.

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