Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holy bat-month, Batman

March will be holy bat-month in this blog. I will post about all eight Batman movies starting from one staring Adam West and ending with Nolans Dark Knight trilogy. Aliens posts were fun to write and I think I could get something similar from Batman movies. These eight movies contain great movies and one of the worst movies ever make and anything between those. Those movies also include the movie I have seen more times than any other movie.

This means that promised Star Trek posts will be delayed even further. I try to write something at least the best episodes. maybe they are on their way.

This is good time to rant about Batman tv series. Batman the Movie is only thing that is released in dvd or blu ray format. For some strange reason tv series is not released on any home entertainment format. It is in syndication but you can't buy it. This is real disgrace. Series is so legendary and part of western popular culture that it should have some kind of release. Wikipedia gives different reasons what it hasn't been released. I guess nobody know what is correct reason. Someone should check what is the problem and solve it.

I know there is tv movie Return to Batcave but I don't count that as part of Batman tv series or Batman movie. It is nostalgia trip with Adam West and Burt Ward and few other familiar face. Interesting movie if you love tv series. I would write more about it if I own it or had change to see it again.

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