Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prometheus - Intelligent Design and Ancient Aliens

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Prometheus.

You can thank Charlee from for this post. She commented my Alien post and woke my interrest of this movie. This is published on thursday because I haven't got enough tv series backlog and putting this to movie backlog would have taken this to month further.

Before watching this movie I didn't know how close Intelligent Design and Ancient Aliens were. Ancient Aliens is idea that almost every human advancement is because aliens visited Earth. Intelligent Design exists because some people want to say that god did it. Intelligent Design doesn't answer to question how Intelligent Designed came to be. Both ideas try to say that humans can't do anything and everything good is from someone else. It is kind of fitting that proponents of both ideas can't produce useful things. Alien movies had some science behind them. It is easy to see why Alien fans hate this movie which is based so unscientific ideas. Characters in this movie acted more like little kids than scientists. But I don't go deeper in to that. I guess you can google all the stupid things they did.

This movies suggest that intelligent designers are alien race called Engineers. Engineers have 100% dna match with humans. I don't know what it takes to get 100% dna match but I don't expect it needs much. Dna varies between humans so much that you can identify persons by dna. Not to mention that Engineers look and sized differently than humans. Other thing why this doesn't make sense it way how Engineers started life on earth. One of them took poison which disintegrated its body. How that dna created all life on earth and then came back to create humans with 100% dna match with original dna. That must be miracle.

For some reason Engineer changed their minds and started to plan destruction of humans. They created biological weapon. Not smartest idean when you have 100% dna match with your targets. Something went wrong and Engineers get killed themselves. Now we get to interesting problem. Humans came to this place because Ancient Aliens had invited them during millenias. But place is military installation which make bioweapons to kill human race. Did Engineers really planned this for millenias and why they didn't try to find other ways to kill humans during that time? if this was not the case why humans were invited there? This was left open and we might see answers in sequels of Prometheus. If there ever will be ones. This was not Alien movie but it showed us the origin of Aliens.

Aliens were this bioweapon Engineers developed. In overly complicated lifecycle weapon is liquid which poisons its host. When poisoned person have sex, female get pregnant with original facehugger, which itself is something very different from what we saw in Alien movies. This facehugger starts Alien life cycle. Some kind of worms with facehuggers features grew in poison too, but those didn't create chestbursters. Those made humans "zombies". This origin story makes sense. Aliens weren't spieces that could survive on their own. They were more like biological weapon. Which this movie made them.

I didn't end up hating this movie passionately as some have done. I liked how it looked and sounded. I have the score on iTunes. Story itself was quite stupid as were characters. But not enough for me to hate the movie. I probably won't watch this again. This is what I call big budget nothing scientific fiction. If Ancient Aliens and Intelligent Design gets you angry, you better not watch this. Otherwise it is good looking and sounding movie with nonsense story.

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