Sunday, February 24, 2013

The greatest speech ever made - Charlie Chaplin

I didn't understand how good this speech was until I saw this video. That music makes the difference. I have seen The Great Dictator few times, but felt that this was only good speech not as great as it feels in this video.

Watching this made me want to see The Great Dictator and Modern Times again. I check those from streaming services I use but none of them had any Charles Chaplin movies. Both seem to be on Youtube, but I don't like to watch my movies from there. I have to think about what I do. I could write something about those movies. March posts will be about non-sense movies. So first posts of April could be about good serious movies.

More about March next thursday. As a hint I could say that there will be eight movie posts and those movies are based on same characters but are not part of same continuity.

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