Thursday, February 7, 2013

Words make sense

I am not sure if that is true with this blog. Someone found this blog using those words. I can only guess how many pages of results he/she had to check before finding this blog. As you may have guessed this is one of those lazy posts. I couldn't get enough backlog for tv series posts. Watching all the Star Trek episodes started to feel like work. I have seen every episode at least three times. I may not watch every episode. Only those I know I can write something about. That would be ten plus something episodes. I am not sure what I do with it. Next thursday you will get another real post. I don't know what will be after that. I try to make something there. Monday posts will come normally and I have some backlog on them. Now that I am not so into watching movies or tv-series, thursday posts will be what ever I can come up with.

This is not because NHL started. Sometimes I wonder why I am paying for NHL when I may watch one or two games in week while doing something else. I might watch more if NHL Gamecenter showed old games with out commercial and other breaks. Watching live is option only on weekend when they play games earlier. During weekdays they play after midnight of my local time. This is because I am interested of making music at the moment. I have blog about that too. You can find it from I don't think readers of this blog find it too interesting but there it is if you want to check it.

Fun fact about this blog. If you search "Facehugger erotic horror" from Google this blog comes on second page. After Google index this post it may be on first page. I didn't search that. Webmaster tools of Google and Bing show interesting searches that found this blog.

As I told earlier, next thursday there will be real post. When you read it you know why it could not be published today.

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