Monday, February 18, 2013

You don't see that kind of twists in Hollywood productions

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movies Violent Cop and Oldboy. Oldboy should be watched unspoiled. It doesn't hurt with Violent Cop. Both movies have twists that won't have as big impact spoiled. And spoiled they will be in this post. So you should watch movie before reading this I you are planning to see them. Both movies are worth watching.

Some movies have twists that you can't expect but make perfect sense in context of the movie. I watched two of these movies. Oldboy have real big twist. Violent Cop have few moments you don't expect. Both are asian movie which explains why they could have twists american movies don't have.

Violent Cop is Takeshi Kitano movie about Dirty Harry like cop who is violent towards everyone. In movie Violent Cop tries to arrest Violent Criminal. I will call them Cop and Criminal from now on. Close to end Criminal kidnap Cops sister. Criminal tortures sister and make her drug addict. Cop is fired because he broke too many laws. Cop buys gun and go to shoot the boss of the criminal. Boss was in movie before and cop had discussed with him. But this came out of the blue. It makes perfectly sense. Cop don't know where his sister is and he thinks boss is somehow responsible of this. Just randomness of life. In other scene Criminal have three of his buddies with him. Criminal gives guns to his buddies and tell that Cop is coming there and it is going to be bloody. Buddies are hesitant. One of buddies says or does something wrong and Criminal shoots him. Wow! Criminal talked about shooting them if they didn't join him in fight with Cop. But cold blooded shooting wasn't expected. That wouldn't have happened in Hollywood movie. Criminal ends up  shooting second buddy and third escape to be shot by Cop. This movie is not bluffing.

Oldboy is about annoying man who is hijacked and kept in private jail for 15 years. During this time he plans his revenge and learns to fight. He is almost ready to escape when he is released. When outside he start to search person who is behind his jailing. This movie is really something else. For my western view some people act weird. For example owned of Private Jail Owned is tortured by Oldboy and Man Behind Curtains cuts his hand, but Oldboy trusts Private Jail Owner so much that let his lover to say with him when he goes to see Man Behind Curtains. If name didn't show it Oldboy was in jail owned by Private Jail Owner.

At the end Oldboy meets Man Behind Curtains. Question is not why Oldboy was jailed for 15 year but why he was released after 15 years. Then movie turns upside down. Oldboy finds out that his lover is actually his daughter and they both were hypnotized to fall in love with each other. Man Behind Curtains did this because Oldboys rumors have caused dead of Man Behind Curtains sisters death. Man Behind Curtains and his sister were lovers. I have to say that I didn't see that coming. You don't see that kind of twists in Hollywood productions.

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