Thursday, March 21, 2013

Batman begins

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Batman begins.

After disastrous Batman & Robin next movie tells in name that it has nothing to do with that movie. That is only reason why someone names movie Batman begins. To be honest, this movie spends lot of time explaining how Bruce Wayne became Batman and where he got all his gadgets. But that name sounds strange to me.

Batman of 60s was parody of Batman. Burton's Batman was dark modern fairy tale. Schumacher mixed both previous styles and added lot of neon and black light. Christopher Nolan try to make Batman as realistic as man who dress as bat to fight criminals can be. Gadgets are something you could expect army prototypes to be. You would expect someone who have seen those prototypes to guess who could have those.

Bruce Wayne had perfect childhood until he wanted to get out of opera. His ideal father owned business empire but he rather worked at hospital. When family walks out of opera parents are killed in unfortunate robbery. As adult Bruce is ready to his criminal who killed his parents. Someone is faster and Bruce is left without his revenge.

Bruce Wayne disappears and start to live with criminals. Ra's Al Ghul and League of shadows find him in chinese prison. Bruce joins them and they train him to be ninja. They ways apart when Bruce don't want to kill criminal. In following fight League of Shadow's gets destroyed but Bruce manage to save his mentor.

In this movie Bruce Wayne is mask and Batman is real face of man who was born as Bruce Wayne. He is Bruce Wayne only when he has to. Other time is devoted being Batman. Batman don't has to kill tons of people because he does almost everything by himself. He also keeps number of people who know secret as small as possible.

This movie doesn't have larger than life villains. Batman begins his career fighting normal criminals. Only supercriminal of the movie is Scarecrow. Cillian Murphy does great job in role. Christopher Nolan seem to think so too because Scarecrow returns in following movies. Too bad he is in minor roles on those.

Scarecrow works for League of Shadows who came to destroy Gotham City. Batman's mentor turns out to be Ra's Al Ghul. It is lost change that movie doesn't get more into how close Batman and League of Shadows are to each other. Batman just have more lines he won't cross. They both aim for same goal. League of Shadows is ready to go further. In the end Batman kills without saving. It would have been easier to just kill, but now he didn't cross the line in his mind.

This is my second favourite Batman movie after Batman Returns. Movie is filled with good actors doing good roles. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman carry the whole trilogy.  Liam Neeson and Rutger Hauer also outperform others. This is most ever of Dark Knight movies and has best rhythm. Being shortest of three helps in that.

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