Monday, March 11, 2013

Batman Returns

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Batman Returns.

As I told my Batman post. I have seen this movie more times than any other movie. There was time when I could not get enough of this movie. First movie was more Batman movie. This goes more into Tim Burton fairy tale world.

This is story of three lonely broken people and one evil business man. Batman we know from previous movie. Vicky Vale has left Bruce Wayne. He is again lone crime fighter. Penguin is bird man freak whose parents dumped him into river when he was baby. Catwoman is lonely secretary who loses her mind after her boss kills her.

Tieing all together is evil business man Max Shreck who wants to build "power plant" that actually sucks power out of the grid. First Max kills Selina Kyle, who becomes Catwoman. Then he tries to make Penguin a mayor. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle start to build relationship while they fight night after night as Batman and Catwoman. There is also something going on between Batman and Catwoman.

Batman manages to ruin Penguins reputation which makes Penguin to return to his original plan to kill all first born sons of Gothan City. My favourite scene comes when Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle realize that they are also Batman and Catwoman. They can solve this because Penguin interrupts the party.

Batman ruins Penguins plan. In the end everyone leaves Penguin and he dies alone in sewerage like his parents tried to do when he was just a baby. Batman tries to save his relationship with Catwoman. He is ready to give up everything to save the relationship. Catwoman rather have her revenge than tries to be happy with Bruce Wayne. She kills herself and Max Shreck in front of Batman. Did I tell you that this movie happens during christmas time?

This movie doesn't do any compromises. Doesn't try to be anything else than it is. Tim Burton does what he does best. Comic books just give characters and Burton make them tell story he want to tell. Danny De Vito is perfect as Penguin. He is pervert upper class bird man freak and he makes that character work. Michelle Pfeiffer is believable as shy lonely secretary, Catwoman who doesn't hold anything back and as woman who is about to lose it. Michael Keaton is as good as he was in first movie but Michelle Pfeiffer out performs him in every scene they are together. Micheal Keaton does great job but Michelle Pfeiffer is just so amazing in this movie. This love story is my favourite movie love story. Two haunted people try to have normal life, but don't know how to, and in the end their demons destroy their relationship. Two good actors make this work. This is good choise if you want to watch romantic movie with me.

This story could have been disaster. It works because everyone takes it seriously and Tim Burton make it work. Too bad that this is last Batman movie directed by Tim Burton. I really wanted to see where Tim Burton could have taken us from here. In the end of this movies it is hinted that Catwoman is still alive. Could she have returned in third Burton Batman? We can only guess.

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