Wednesday, March 6, 2013


SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Batman.

Criminals tell stories about big bat. But Jack doesn't care. Jack loves himself and his mirror. Jack has a relationship with wrong woman. Wife of his boss. Boss sets Jack and his gang up. During following fight jack falls into pool of chemicals. Chemicals make his skin white and destroys his face. Jack becomes insane criminal clown Joker.

Bruce Wayne is rich awkward loner who feel better being Batman that Bruce Wayne. Wayne's parent were killer by Jack when Bruce was young. This made Bruce to become Batman, vigilante who fights criminals with fear and gadgets. Because of Batman Bruce Wayne have troubles having relationships. One of my favourite scenes is where Bruce tries to tell Vicky Vale he is Batman. That shows how bad man who dress as bat is in social situations.

Gotham city is full of crime and corruption. Decent people shouldn't live there. Everything is dark and tall. Police doesn't seem to care too much about their job. How else you could explain that mass murderer is allowed to be part of parade?

Tim Burton made Batman dark modern fairy tale. Michael Keaton is best movie Bruce Wayne. He is living in his own world being absent-minded as Bruce Wayne and ultimate detective as Batman. Like his brains could not be sharp both as Wayne and Batman.

I don't think Jack Nicholson was correct choice to be Joker. He does a good job with what he got but I can't see Jack Nicholson as real Joker. To me Joker is tall and skinny which Jack Nicholson isn't. Cesar Romero of 60's Batman and Heath Ledger in Dark Knight are more what I see Joker to be. Other than that I like what they did with Joker in this movie. He is as sick and twisted as he should be.

I like Tim Burton's vision of Batman. It studies question what kind of man would dress as bat and go hunt criminals night after night. It has enough darkness and insanity of Batman characters. It has enough of fairy tale likeness to make it all work and not make you think how unrealistic everything is.

If you guessed this is the movie I have seen more than other movies because I use Joker photo, you are wrong. That movie is the next one. This movie had few flaws. That movie didn't have any. This movie was training for that movie.

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