Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Theme months and stuff

After two theme months May will definitely not be a theme month. I will have theme months in future. There will be another remake month. This time I could have done Planet of the Apes, Rollerball, Judge Dredd and Total Recall  too. There are also other remake set I like to do when movies become available. I really like to write about Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Other themes could be Star Trek and Dr Who. This year is 50th anniversary of Dr Who so I have to do something about Dr Who.

I will try something new from now on. Youtube has trailers for most movies I write about. I will start to post trailers as teaser day or two before blog post. This way you know what will be coming and can watch the movie before reading the post. Other benefit will be that you can see what movie looks like to get better idea about it. I will try this for little time and if it seems working and I can easily find trailers I will continue this.

Lately I have written longer and longer posts. Next post (after trailer) will be almost thousand words long. I have aimed for four hundred words. If it feels like I write longer but I will write something to get to four hundred words. I am not sure if I should also have upper limit. It could make posts better if I write only certain points of movie. With I am Legend there were few things I left out because post started to get quite long for my taste.

I remembered that Charles Manson called his group Family. I am not sure if Omega Man was about Charles Manson and his group. I didn't feel like that. But I don't know what it was during that time or how people felt about Charles Manson back then. Other thing I learned about Omega Man is that the interracial kiss was big deal when movie was released. This shows how far we have come because I didn't see anything special in it.

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