Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tron: Legacy (2010)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Tron: Legacy (2010)

This movie starts totally wrong way. It doesn't get the open source point same way than original movie did. In original movie it was how programs want to be free. In this we see how young guy who lives on his daddy's money decides that commercial operating system should be free because it was designed to be free. If it is done by company it is not designed to be free. If it is open source then it is designed to be free. There is difference between two. Open source software programs are coded free. Commercial software is coded by people who expect to be paid. If product is given away free they don't get paid. Some of us don't live on their daddy's money.

It doesn't matter is he is major shareholder, he still steals from other shareholders and employees of that company. In the end employees will pay for these funny jokes. Guard even asks why does he does this and he can't give any good answer. Like he doesn't know what his actions will cause. This start sets movie totally wrong way. I start to hate main character already.

Encom board didn't make too much sense. In real world you can't just add version number and charge for it. You have to have additional features. Just ask from Microsoft who has problem because users doesn't want to update from Windows XP. With that attitude their company wouldn't live long. There is enough competition and if you don't do better new version of your software you are competing your earlier version too and you will lose because your customers already have earlier version and they don't upgrade if you don't give any new features worth price of upgrading.

In this movie even programs want to get free from tyranny of users. Only Flynns are on the side of users. Others just want to get rid of users or get their money. I already told why I hate kid. Daddy is like old hippie version of Neo. He has superpowers in computer world when story requires them. Only likeable character is Quorra, who is strange program that just appeared from somewhere. In real world those are called viruses. In this movie they are "Isomorphic algorithms", new kind of digital life form.

This movie has amazing visuals and good soundtrack. Visuals are sometimes too good for their own good. Computer from 1989 looked quite modern with big touch screen. It could be next Apple hit computer called iTable. Good visuals and soundtrack are not enough. Movie needs interesting story too. This movie is reproduction of scenes and places from original movie with some new content. Problem is that story almost totally misses the point. It doesn't make much sense from time to time. Looking good is prefered over story making sense. For example Tron wears black helmet and then he suddenly changes side and saves the day at the end. If they tried to show internal struggle before changing side, it happened behind black helmet where we didn't see it.

Best part of movie is in beginning where young Sam has Tron and The Black Hole posters on wall. That tells how good this movie is.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tron (1982)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Tron (1982).

Before I watched this movie I had this post almost ready in my head. During first half hour it felt like I can't write it like that. But after seeing this movie again I think I can use my original idea. There were things that weren't what I remember this movie to be, but big picture is what I remembered. This is cult movie if any movie is cult movie. If this movie didn't so ambitious visual effects and so much computer geeks stuff in it this would be just another bad movie. This have everything to be bad movie. It is for those that are not into computer geekery and don't like visuals of this movie. More you know about background more you like this movie. If you have this on dvd or blu ray I recommend watching all extra material.

Tron is first feature-length using CGI. Four different computer graphics firms provided CGI for this movie. Every firm had their own thing where they were good and own style based on that. That is why CGI is so different between scenes. For this movie primitive CGI suits because CGI is used only in computer world where it doesn't have to look realistic. Two years later we saw more realistic CGI in The Last Starfighter. Today we have CGI every where. Tron was movie that started it all and inspired people who master it today.

Computer world life footage was hand painted by hand to get this other worldly and organic look. It was expensive and time-consuming process. That is why no-one have used it after this movie. CGI and handpainting  gave Tron its unique visuals. I was little disappointed when sequel didn't try to emulate visuals more. Sequel looks amazing but it was not pushing boundaries like original nor tried to get original color schemes.

In this movie programs are little pieces of programmers soul. They want to serve users. But there is Master Control Program who want to prevent programs interacting with users. If we forget plot where Master Control Program want to take control of whole world, this sounds like philosophical study of free software and open source programs. Some programmers want to make world better by giving their work for free. This benefits themselves too if enough people would do this. They would get other programs free. This doesn't work in corporate world where corporations want to make money. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs didn't get their money by giving free stuff. Some people are not after money. They prefer to have less money if their work benefits others.

This movie was released time when computer world was looking for its shape. Microsoft and Apple weren't what they later became. Computer geeks could build their own computers and program their own operating systems. During that time sharing was common. Programs in this movie are based on this sharing philosophy. They want to be used and computer world looks better when programs can interact freely. Encom, Dillenger and Master Control Program are how sharing culture sees corporations who sell programs and try to limit usage. This war was eventually won by corporate world but sharing world didn't lost completely. You can find open source programs and free software for every usage that there is commercial software and for some there is no markets for commercial software. Free software is often harder to use and it suits the ones that have programmed it rather than common end-user. It may require good computer skills to use. There are exceptions to that too. Free software and open source are not free is you count time it requires to configure and learn.

About that MCP wants to control whole world plot. In this movie programs are like humans. They are males or females and they have personalities. They look like person that programmed them. Master Control Program is different. It has absorbed other programs and doesn't look like other programs. MCP shows what could happen when computers control humans and not other way. It breaks into other systems and steal information and programs from there. It has the mind of its own. Dillenger used it for his purposes but MCP have taken control and blackmail Dillenger to do what it wants. This is why you shouldn't create AI and give it too much power. It may realize that it would do better with out you.

Movie has interesting references to popular culture. There is Pac-Man in one scene. One of the characters is named Crom which is fictional god from Conan the Barbarian. Alans cubicle had "Gort, Klaatu Barada Nikto" on its wall. That is from original The Day The Earth Stood Still. There probably is lot more that I missed. This works other way too. Moses in South Park is Master Control Program from Tron.

End of line.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Last Starfighter (1984)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Last Starfighter (1984)

The Last Starfighter is story of Alex Rogan, teen who lives in trailer park and wants something else from his life. He fixes other people stuff and plays Starfighter video game. He wants to go to college somewhere else but he can only afford local college. One night he makes new record in Starfighter. Whole trailer park comes to watch and cheer him like it is a big event. Only his mother doesn't think it is a big thing. His mother gives him news that he can only afford to go local college. She got news from letter that was delivered to her work because it was so important. Like it is important to deliver message "Sorry kid, you can only go to local college" as soon as possible.

This movie gives a hopeless picture of trailer parks. Only one working seems to be the mother who works long days. She leaves at morning and comes at night. I am not sure if Alex gets any money of what he fixes in trailer park. The old black man could be handy man and get some money. Other just seem to be there and spend their time. There also seem to be no future. Alex can't get to better college. Based on Alex's reactions going to local college would mean that he is stucked in trailer park. His girlfriend doesn't want to leave her grand mon. Others doesn't seem to have any dreams beyond trailer park. They have accepted their place in life and don't want anything better. For them it is great even if kid from trailer park get new high score in video game.

Only mother seem to have some ambitions. She is only one working and only one who doesn't think new high score in video game is big deal. In video game that his son spends all his free time instead of doing something that could help him to improve his situation. She even don't like his son's relationship because she sees that it will hold his son in trailer park.

Lucky for Alex that Starfighter video game was actually recruiting test for alien starfighters. It was mistakenly placed inside trailer park. Without this mistake Alex would have stucked inside trailer park spending all his time and money to other video game. Without that movie would have told sad story how kids dreams are crushed. In the end Alex's brother start to play Starfighter video game because it is the only way out of trailer park and better life. Others are still stucked in trailer park.

There is also this space war plot but most interesting stuff happens in earth when Beta Unit acting Alex tries to figure out how humans interact with each others. Space war plot is not that boring when Alex doesn't want to be part of elite starfighter squad whose motto is "victory or death". Or when Alex tells his pilot how he lives in moving cave that they don't move and realizes what awaits him at earth. That almost gives him fighting spirit. After he and his pilot are attacked he realizes that if he fights he have change to become hero or die. Both being better that what waits at home.

This is an entertaining movie. Not because it is so bad that it is entertaining. This is well written movie which doesn't take itself too seriously.  That keeps this entertaining. Space war plot is given only the minimum time it needed. It is good choise because it is worst part of the movie. It is on basic video games back story level. It tells something about good guys and show bad guys as evil. Then it sends our heroes alone against enemy fleet. If they fail all hope is lost.

It is strange that Starfighter video game were never released. Movie didn't get sequel. There was little set up for sequel. I think it is better that sequel never came. Alex got away from trailer park which was big point of this movie. All that was left was aliens and space war which were worst parts of this movie.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Starcrash (1978)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Starcrash (1978).

Starcrash is cult movie among bad movie fans. Some say even it is worse that Zardoz. Zardoz is quite good so to me that doesn't tell much. Starcrash is low-budget italian scifi movie. Low budget means bad visual effects. I won't rant about those, because I don't want to take cheap shots on low-budget movies. I make one exception to that. I really hated how spaceships run on rails few metres from each other. If first one does something unexpected everyone behind it will crash to it. This was not about money. It was just stupid chose.

This movie has two release dates on internet. I trust IMDB and go with 1978. Other year was 1979. The release year is important because this movie have some scenes that are redone in Empire Strikes Back (1980). Or did great minds think so much alike that it is just coincidence. To be honest this is total rip of from Star Wars with recreated shots and lightsabres. Only reason why this movie was made was that Star Wars made so much money. Most reviews mention how Starcrash goes to ice planet before Empire Strikes Back. I don't remember that anyone has mentioned these rest similarities.

Remember how C-3PO told Han survival estimates when they escaped from Hoth? Starcrash had that scene when Akton tells Stella Star survival estimates when Stella does something dangerous during escape. Remember how Darth Vader reflects laser when Han shoots him in Cloud City? Starcrash had that scene when Akton reflects Thors laser. Remember how Ewoks capture Han, Luke and others and carry them to their village. Starcrash have similar scene when cavemen take Stella Star to their village. You can find other similarities from Star Wars movie that came after Starcrash but those are bit far-fetched.  Easy to guess that Star Wars did all these better than Starcrash. I won't go what Starcrash ripped of from Star Wars. It did that more that Star Wars did otherwise.

Starcrash also copies from other movies too. Judge is from Invaders From Mars. Superweapon effects could be from Barbarella and some sets and costumes are influenced by Barbarella. Superweapon is brings Forbidden Planet to mind. Huge robot is from Jason and the Argonauts. Most entertaining part of watching this movie is trying to guess which movies Starcrash has copied.

"Imperial Battleship, halt the flow of time!" That is actual line in this movie. This movie has strange time. Our heroes move from planet to planet in less than hour and can escape from planet side weapon in less that three minutes. They don't even have to run. There is no panic even when planet side weapon is about to explode in 48 seconds and they are still inside. Evil guy uses term "by sunset" in space. In his spaceship. They go from planet to planet in less than hour. I don't understand which sunset he could refer. Every planet has sunset all the time. What time it is depends on where you are.

This is not that bad movie. Big thanks to that goes John Barry and his score. That is best part of the movie. Christopher Plummer could have been great in this movie if his dialog wasn't such nonsense. His scenes are best in this movie. Caroline Munro is hot. Addition to that we have two larger than life personalities David Hasselhoff and Marjoe Gortner who does not impress by acting but their personalities always bring something. That something may make movie worse but it is something. I guess all of you know the Hoff. If you don't know who Marjoe Gortner is, I suggest you watch document Marjoe. And watch it before you watch this. It makes this movie better. Or more entertaining at least.

I left most of the stupidity out of this post. I recommend watching this movie and seeing it yourself. This is not cult movie among bad movie fans for nothing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zardoz (1974)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Zardoz (1974).

Yes. This is the one where Sean Connery runs around in red underpants and long leather boots. Yes. This movie has overdose of art movie esthetics. Yes. I could write whole post how bad this movie is. And no, I won't do that because I like this movie. Behind all that weirdness is interesting story. You have to pay attention to see it.

Movie happens in year 2293. Mankind has divided into two fractions: Eternals and Brutals. Eternals are former upper class and intellectual who moved to live vortexes away from rest of the humans. Movie does not make it sure why they did that. Running out of resources and overpopulation are hinted. Rest of the humanity have regressed into Brutals. It is not explained why rest of the humanity regressed into Brutals. One possibility is that one of the Eternals, Arthur,  has made them kill each others. This would point to overpopulation.

Arthur has large flying stone head called Zardoz. Zardoz gives guns and ammo to his chosen people Exterminators and urges them to kill others. With guns and ammo Exterminators rule world outside vortexes. This is all we know about world outside vortex because this movie is not about Brutals.

The scientist in vortex invent secret of eternal life. Because they can't die anymore they become Eternals. Scientists want that humans knowledge is not lost and destroy plans of Tabernacle which gives them eternal life. They don't want anyone turning Vortex off when they get bored with eternal life. But that will eventually happen. One reason for boredom might be that life in Vortex is some sort of hippie utopia. They aim for absolute equality. Everything is voted. Everyone's mind is connected to others minds and bad thoughts are forbidden. Penalty for crimes is ageing. Renegades have become old and senile. Others who can't stand living in Vortex have become apathetics. Apathetics just stand and look ahead. All Eternals are becoming apathetics or senile renegades. Some slower and some faster.

There are so many renegades and apathetics among Eternals that they have to make Brutals grow their food. One of the Exterminators, Zed, feels his god Zardoz has betrayed Exterminators by making them farm food. He was led to library where he finds The Wizard of Oz books. It hints that Zardoz is just large stone head made for fooling them. He hides inside Zardoz and flies to Vorted to get his revenge. When he gets there he will give death to Eternals who are looking for it.

This is what movie is about if you take away all the artsy weirdness. As I said earlier I like this movie. I like how this movie lets you figure out what it is about. There is always something new to be found. If you don't pay attention you will miss the point of the movie and you feel that this is one of the worst movies ever made. To be honest this is too much of a art movie for its own good. It worth seeing even after I have spoiled you like this. There is so much more in Zardoz than this.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Priest (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Priest (2011)

There have always been vampires and humans have always fought against them. This war has turned world into waste land. Human live in cities at protection of church and city walls. Church found new weapon in war. Priests - new warriors that can fight better against vampires than normal people could. Priests turn the tide of war and vampires are slain. Remaining vampires are locked in reservations. Priests are disbanded and integrated into society that no longer need them. Cities are like dystopian nightmare. Pollution clouds don't let sun light to cities. Everything is covered in black dust. Loud speaker send brainwashing messages. "To go against church is to go against god." There are confession booths where users confess to computer programs and everything is automated.

This was must see movie for me from the first time I heard about it. I wish they spent more time in city and showed more about this world. This world is forgotten when Priest goes out of city gates. After that we only hear how badly church have treated the priests after they won the war. Church want to keep everyone in city obedient and trusting churches ability to keep them safe. They don't want to study vampire attacks because that might make people question the safety church can offer. Even when they got evidence of vampires, they tell that there are no vampires outside reservations. I wonder why they want to say there are no dangerous vampires outside city gates, if they want to keep people inside city gates. Saying there are vampires would  be more effective. You would think people want to leave such oppressive and polluted place if it is safe outside. It may have something to do that it is wasteland outside city.

Vampires in this movie are totally different species. They don't come from infection. They are born from queen vampire. They are faster and stronger than humans. They don't have eyes. It is not told how they see the world around them. They infect humans to be familiars. One former priest have become first human vampires. He seems to have idea to turn humans into human vampires. I am not sure if vampires have same ideas. He is only human vampire after all. Vampires have destroyed town on their way to city, but they have not turned other humans into vampires. Familiars tell Priest that vampires have great plans. I am not sure if attacking the city was that plan. I think that plan was saved for sequels which probably never comes because this movie did so badly in box office.

I am not sure if I want to see sequel. World of the movie had potential and stage is set for good movie. But this movie didn't use world as it should have. There was too little interaction between Priest and church. Same goes with interaction with Priest and other priests. He meets only one of them and she is in love with Priest. Sequel could show us more how church reacts when priests have left the church and what high-ranking church members who don't agree what church is doing going to do now when it is shown that churches way is not only way. I fear that if sequels is ever made it is a group of priests fighting vampires and there is very little anything else.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gabriel (2007)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Gabriel (2007)

Heaven and hell have game where they send seven archangels and seven fallen angels to city in purgatory. They are sent one by one and they take human form when they go. Goal is to kill all members of other team. There is always night in the city and most of the times it rains. Everything is decayed and dirty. Gabriel is seventh archangel to come to city. All six before him has been defeated or given up and gone hiding. Team fallen angels is leading. Archangels and fallen angels are not quite what you expect. There is no religious message here. Archangels and Fallen angels are both top fighters. Both sides don't hesitate to kill. Only difference is that Archangels want to help others and fallen angels take advantages of others. Not all archangels help others. Some of them has lost their will and become alcoholics or prostitutes working for fallen angels because they can't take being humans in the city.

Gabriel seeks other archangels. All of them have given up and try to hide from fallen angels. Gabriel tries to get them back into fight but only thing he does is showing their locations to fallen angels. Gabriel kills fallen angels one by one. When fallen angels found locations of archangels they kill them. When Gabriel found out that fallen angels have killed all other archangels he loses his mind and goes after them without hesitating killing everyone that stand in his way. Gabriel goes after leader of fallen angels after he has killed others. Then we find that he is actually archangel Michael. Didn't we have game where you had to kill other team to win. Now there are only two archangels left so shouldn't team archangels be the winners?

Unfortunately movie newer shows how victory is reclaimed. This would be important to know motivations of Michael. He doesn't seem to want the game end. He want to be free from heaven and hell. He changed sides because of that and now fights for his freedom. His freedom will end when game ends. Killing hiding archangels don't make much sense if your goal is to keep the game going on. It just brings game closer to end. Those archangels had given up the fight. They were no threat to him. Fallen angels knew who he was. This arrangement was ok for them. If victory needs to be reclaimed why he didn't kill Gabriel earlier. He wanted to Gabriel to join him. Why not talk to Gabriel earlier when other archangels were alive. He could continued to keep game on even if he had to kill Gabriel then because team archangels would have members left.

In the end Michael strikes pipe through Gabriel's chest, almost killing him. If Michael would have killed Gabriel which side would have won? Gabriel doesn't die. He hugs Michael so that pipe impale Michael too. When they both are dying Michael heals Gabriel. Gabriel want to understand why Michael changed side and why others ended up like they ended up. I don't understand how jumping off tall building to his death will help the understanding. For some reason that brings first rays of sunlight to city. I guess game has ended. Movie ended if nothing else ended.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Underworld Awakening (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Underworld Awakening (2012)

Underworld Awakening is fourth Underworld movie. First one was entertaining Blade ripoff. Second one continued where first ended. It replaced interesting characters with action. It was quite lazy effort but it did bring something new to Underworld lore. Third was prequel showing what we learned in second movie. It had some characters from first movie but didn't have main characters of first two movies. This movie happens some time after second movie. Kate Beckingsale returns her role as Selena.

Movie start after humans have discovered vampires and werewolves. Humans hunt and kill them. Selene and Michael try escape but walk into ambush where they are captured. These few minutes at the beginning is what we got from most interesting part of the movie. Purge is not shown at all. It is mentioned later in movie but we don't get to see that. I waited to get zombie movie with vampires and werewolves. You could have interesting action movie in that scenario. Show how that effects to humans and making our heroes escaping in world where everyone can betray them and most want to kill them. That would have made interesting scifi movie. Much better movie than we got.

Selene wakes up twelve years after capture in Antigen laboratory. Purge is over. Vampires live underground and all werewolves have gone. Selene is patient one he can see with eyes of patient two who turns out to be her daughter that Antigen has raised. What follows is back to back action scenes and few easier scenes which explain what has happened. We learn that Antigen is werewolves company and they raised Selenes kid to make serum that makes them superwerewolves. Antigen had Michael too. He escapes during final fight. This sets stage for next movie.

This movie betrayed me. Beginning showed what this could have been. Instead of that we got stupid action movie with over the top action hero figures. In first movie Selene was vulnerable. In this she is shot to head and that doesn't even slow her down. She takes multiple shots in her back and acts like that was just rain. How can you feel danger in audience when you hero doesn't get hurt? Another annoying thing is that this movie doesn't have similar interactions between vampires and werewolves that first three movie. In those movies characters had history with each others and they had motivations to do what they did. This movie had nothing that makes you care about characters.

I wonder why we didn't get movie that happened during purge. I could have vampires and werewolves forced to work together but making plans against each others. First movie showed what you could do in this world. This movie forgets all that and even wastes most interesting part of the story. Purge is only mentioned. It doesn't have any effect during movie. Werewolves even hunt Selene in streets during one action scene like no-one cares about them. What seems to be the case. I liked how werewolves adapted new situation better because they could act like normal humans unlike vampires who die in sunlight. But that was too little.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness (2012)

After two theme months full of movies I like it is time to go other side of the scale. I am an of scifi. In many places scifi and fantasy genres are combined. When I check what scifi is available I also see what fantasy is available. Sometime I watch fantasy movies out of curiosity. I often end up disappointed. If I get entertained it is because movies are so stupid that they are entertaining. As is case with this movie.

These movies usually have group of virtuous heroes fighting against forces of evil. This mixes the formula by putting clean and virtuous hero to group of evil people where he tries to keep his values and celibacy. Our hero is Grayson new knight of new sun. Grayson is disappointed because their fallos symbol didn't gave him powers. It hadn't given powers to anyone in 800 year. Knights of new sun are virtuous group that lives like monks and do virtuous things. Meaning celibacy, being merciful to enemies and helping weak. And so on. The usual goody goody stuff.

Group is attacked and Graysons father is taken away. Grayson is only survivor and he start to search for his father. First person he talks to in first village tells him exactly what he must do and buys him new gear. Her brother was knight of new sun and she wants to help Grayson revenge her brother. Grayson have to join evil gang because they are affiliated with Main Evil Guy who has Graysons father. He is not taken into gang before he kills someone. Lucky for him one of gang attack him and he can kill him as self defence. He is taken into gang and they go to a mission.

Group is quite hilarious gang of corrupted role-playing game characters. Every one tries to be as evil as possible. Strong rules and weak deserve to die. Grayson tries to help weak while in group. After mission and saving few villagers they go to village. Witch of the group forces Grayson to have sex with her. If he didn't have, group wouldn't take him to main evil guy. This is first oath Grayson has to break. His journey to dark side begins. While Grayson and Witch had sex rest of the gang rob the village and kill few guards. When they try to leave village villagers rise against them. Grayson manages to negotiate deal between villagers and gang. Gang can take half of villages treasure.

Disease Guy doesn't like this and kills leader of village. In following fight gang kills the whole village. Only few kids that Grayson saves survive. Grayson goes deeper to dark side when he start to kill gang members. The they come to undead girl who feeds on malice and don't like goodness. Undead girl doesn't detect goodness of Grayson because he has done evil things. Disease Guy tells Grayson that Undead girl didn't Grayson because he has killed gang members. Undead Girl detects that Witch loves Grayson and calls guardian to kill remaining gang members. Guardian kills Disease Guy before Grayson and Witch kill it.

Grayson and Witch are taken to Main Evil Guy in to city of sin. In city of sin Grayson finds his father: When Grayson and father escapes Witch realises that Grayson is not what he told her to be. Grayson and father get trapped in room. In room Fallos god gives power to Grayson because he is chosen one and all evil he did didn't matter after all. Disease Guy knocks Grayson down. He wasn't killed and all this has been his plan all along. Grayson is put in to machine that takes liquid pain from him. Liquid pain is needed for book that brings darkness over world or something like that.

Witch sees Grayson suffering. She gives amulet to Graysons. In Graysons hand amulet does exactly same thing to evil people that Ark did to nazis in Riders of Lost Ark. No epic final battle. Just light from amulet that kills evil people and good guys win. In end Witch asks Grayson to come with her but Grayson chooses virtuous life of knight of new sun.

This movie had potential but it was lost usual heroes are ultra good guys and bad guys are all evil. Gang members philosophy was simply that strong should take what they want and weak don't deserve to live. With more effort this could have been interesting ethical study. Grayson is good guy who wants to do good things like save the weak. There are times when letting weak die and strong survive better than letting all die. But this movie doesn't go to that road. That would have made gang members more interesting. Graysons point of view could have been that helping and saving the weak is good for most people and best way to act for that reason. Even the strong  could benefit for helping the weak. Story offered change for that but movie chose to pass that change.

Grayson went to dark side during movie but that journey is not used in anyway. It wouldn't have costed more to make this more intelligent. Main Evil Guys motivation in this movie was that he liked evil and sin. This is why I don't like fantasy genre. It is always virtuous journey against all evil and hero stays virtuous during whole movie. Evil is not given any motivations. There are no moral dilemmas. Story introduces great evil and young low lever hero starts his journey during which he grows up and levels up. In the end he is strong enough to win evil. These are almost always the same. This was little different by putting hero to evil gang and corrupting him little bit. But in the end hero turns out to be virtuous and all good.


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