Monday, May 13, 2013

Priest (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Priest (2011)

There have always been vampires and humans have always fought against them. This war has turned world into waste land. Human live in cities at protection of church and city walls. Church found new weapon in war. Priests - new warriors that can fight better against vampires than normal people could. Priests turn the tide of war and vampires are slain. Remaining vampires are locked in reservations. Priests are disbanded and integrated into society that no longer need them. Cities are like dystopian nightmare. Pollution clouds don't let sun light to cities. Everything is covered in black dust. Loud speaker send brainwashing messages. "To go against church is to go against god." There are confession booths where users confess to computer programs and everything is automated.

This was must see movie for me from the first time I heard about it. I wish they spent more time in city and showed more about this world. This world is forgotten when Priest goes out of city gates. After that we only hear how badly church have treated the priests after they won the war. Church want to keep everyone in city obedient and trusting churches ability to keep them safe. They don't want to study vampire attacks because that might make people question the safety church can offer. Even when they got evidence of vampires, they tell that there are no vampires outside reservations. I wonder why they want to say there are no dangerous vampires outside city gates, if they want to keep people inside city gates. Saying there are vampires would  be more effective. You would think people want to leave such oppressive and polluted place if it is safe outside. It may have something to do that it is wasteland outside city.

Vampires in this movie are totally different species. They don't come from infection. They are born from queen vampire. They are faster and stronger than humans. They don't have eyes. It is not told how they see the world around them. They infect humans to be familiars. One former priest have become first human vampires. He seems to have idea to turn humans into human vampires. I am not sure if vampires have same ideas. He is only human vampire after all. Vampires have destroyed town on their way to city, but they have not turned other humans into vampires. Familiars tell Priest that vampires have great plans. I am not sure if attacking the city was that plan. I think that plan was saved for sequels which probably never comes because this movie did so badly in box office.

I am not sure if I want to see sequel. World of the movie had potential and stage is set for good movie. But this movie didn't use world as it should have. There was too little interaction between Priest and church. Same goes with interaction with Priest and other priests. He meets only one of them and she is in love with Priest. Sequel could show us more how church reacts when priests have left the church and what high-ranking church members who don't agree what church is doing going to do now when it is shown that churches way is not only way. I fear that if sequels is ever made it is a group of priests fighting vampires and there is very little anything else.

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