Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tron: Legacy (2010)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Tron: Legacy (2010)

This movie starts totally wrong way. It doesn't get the open source point same way than original movie did. In original movie it was how programs want to be free. In this we see how young guy who lives on his daddy's money decides that commercial operating system should be free because it was designed to be free. If it is done by company it is not designed to be free. If it is open source then it is designed to be free. There is difference between two. Open source software programs are coded free. Commercial software is coded by people who expect to be paid. If product is given away free they don't get paid. Some of us don't live on their daddy's money.

It doesn't matter is he is major shareholder, he still steals from other shareholders and employees of that company. In the end employees will pay for these funny jokes. Guard even asks why does he does this and he can't give any good answer. Like he doesn't know what his actions will cause. This start sets movie totally wrong way. I start to hate main character already.

Encom board didn't make too much sense. In real world you can't just add version number and charge for it. You have to have additional features. Just ask from Microsoft who has problem because users doesn't want to update from Windows XP. With that attitude their company wouldn't live long. There is enough competition and if you don't do better new version of your software you are competing your earlier version too and you will lose because your customers already have earlier version and they don't upgrade if you don't give any new features worth price of upgrading.

In this movie even programs want to get free from tyranny of users. Only Flynns are on the side of users. Others just want to get rid of users or get their money. I already told why I hate kid. Daddy is like old hippie version of Neo. He has superpowers in computer world when story requires them. Only likeable character is Quorra, who is strange program that just appeared from somewhere. In real world those are called viruses. In this movie they are "Isomorphic algorithms", new kind of digital life form.

This movie has amazing visuals and good soundtrack. Visuals are sometimes too good for their own good. Computer from 1989 looked quite modern with big touch screen. It could be next Apple hit computer called iTable. Good visuals and soundtrack are not enough. Movie needs interesting story too. This movie is reproduction of scenes and places from original movie with some new content. Problem is that story almost totally misses the point. It doesn't make much sense from time to time. Looking good is prefered over story making sense. For example Tron wears black helmet and then he suddenly changes side and saves the day at the end. If they tried to show internal struggle before changing side, it happened behind black helmet where we didn't see it.

Best part of movie is in beginning where young Sam has Tron and The Black Hole posters on wall. That tells how good this movie is.

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