Monday, June 10, 2013

Men in Black 3 (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Men in Black 3 (2012).

First Men in Black was good movie. I always forget second one right after watching it. It was just remake of first one with J teaching K what Men in Black are instead of K teaching J in first movie. This time they are doing something new. Even so much so that they dropped Frank the Pug, Coffee addicted worms and Zed from the movie. There is picture of Frank on J's wall. Funeral of Zed happen at the beginning of the movie and worms are shown for few seconds. This movie doesn't have as interesting supporting characters or they are not given enough time. I would have liked more Time Travelling Device Guy and David "Sledge Hammer" Rasche as Agent X. This time agent J goes time travelling.  Reason for this might be that Tommy Lee Jones is too old for this kind of... ...movies. At least he looks like that. And in some scenes he look more like CGI than real person. I guess when you have too much CGI real people look like CGI.

Concept of time travel is troublesome in this movie. That could be expected because this is more action comedy than scifi movie. They try to put some sense to concept but doesn't success in that. First The Bad Guy goes to 1969's to kill K. He is successful and K disappears from current time line. Only J remembers the time line where K lived past 1969. Others are like K died in 1969. In first movie K recruited J. It is not too far-fetched that in this K died 1969 time line J was recruited by someone else. Problems is why only J remembers time line where K lived past 1969. Movie gives explanation for this. Explanation is that J was there when time line was changed. If that is explanation, why guy who gave time machine to The Bad Guy remembers K lived past 1969 time line where he gave time machine to The Bad Guy? In K died 1969 time line The Bad Guy didn't need to make time jump. And why did he had log book which told where The Bad Guy went. That log book would have been in K lived past 1969 time line not K died 1969 time line.

Why "only" J remembers K lived past 1969 time line is because young J was there when time line changing stuff happened. I can't see any reason that could have worked. Young J met K only because K survived event that would have killed K. In alternative versions of events young J probably  wouldn't have met K. Other problem in this is that young J comes from car that J, K and J's father came to scene just moments earlier. There were nothing indicating that K would have met young J before. Like young J had just appeared to car in heavily secured area. I would have bought that J remembered because he fought The Bad Guy with K and that somehow temporary linked K to events. I guess that would have been too easy and they had to make a mess about this.

There is still one problem in time travelling in this movie. In original version of events K shot one arm from The Bad Guy and The Bad Guy was arrested. This gave us normal situation. In second version K is killed and that causes The Bad Guy's race to attack earth. In third version both 1969 and 2013 version of The Bad Guy is killed. This put us back to normal situation. Even so much so that J and K had same conversation about The Bad Guy's race than in first time line. Why would they had that conversation? Only reason they had that conversation in first place was because The Bad Guy had escaped. In this time line The Bad Guy died 1969 and J wouldn't have known the race before he time traveled.

There is still problem of J's father. I don't remember was it mentioned in previous movies that J's father had died. I doubt that because it doesn't fit the tone of these movies and it wasn't used to prove a point. In last version of 1969 events J's father is killed by The Bad Guy. We didn't see how things went first and second time. If things went second time like they would have gone without J, J's father wouldn't have been killed because K would have been killed before J's father was killed. Reason why J's father was killed is because The Bad Guy was after K and J's father happened to be in wrong place at the time. First time The Bad Guy was arrested. Last time it was kill or be killer situation between K and The Bad Guy right after The Bad Guy killed J's father. That time it didn't feel like K could have arrest The Bad Guy. So it is likely that J's father wasn't killed during first time or second time. If this is the case why this didn't change anything and why it was like everything happened like it always happened.

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