Thursday, June 20, 2013

Superman (1978)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superman (1978).

I have to say I liked this movie until the point Superman went to Metropolis. After that movie turns quite stupid. I would have liked to see more from Krypton and how things are there. Now we only saw build up for next movie and how Council didn't trust Jor-El and forced him to be on Krypton when it got destroyed. Internal politics of council would be interesting to see. Smallville section just showed events than needed to be show and was quite boring. But it looked so good that it was entertaining.

After Smallville Superman goes to north and builds Fortress of Solitude. There we hear that Superman is now 18 years old but Krypton got destroyed thousands of years ago. I didn't expect this kind of movie to use Einstein's theory of relativity that correctly. Theory of relativity says time slows down when objects move faster. Faster the object slower the time. This made me pay more attention to movie. Too bad that this illusion was later destroyed when Lex Luthor reads from paper that Krypton exploded 1948 and Superman travelled 3 years from there to earth. Superman could have used his time not our time. Anyway that was real let down. As was him telling news paper all his weaknesses that anyone who can read knows them and can use them against him. I guess it is boring to be so powerful that there is no challenge fighting against anyone. There is no other reason to do that. He could have given interview with out telling his weaknesses.

There is debate going on what happens after Lois Lane dies. Does Superman travel back in time or does he turn back time? For me it doesn't matter what happened because both implies that Superman can go back in time and change things that have already happened. Big question is now why he doesn't do that all the time or does he and it is not shown? Going back time was so easy that he could do that all the time. Like being indestructible, superstrong and superfast was not enough. He can also go back in time if you win and you don't kill him. Internal struggle could have been done without  this time travel rubbish. If someone says he turned rotation of earth twice in short time, I suggest them to think how much destruction that would cause everywhere.

Now to stupidity that started when Superman got to Metropolis. You see star reporter that can't spell correctly. You see supercriminal that breaks the law because he wants to be greatest criminal mastermind. Lex Luthor should be super smart but in this he is too stupid for himself. Why would anyone say they are criminals when Superman drops them to jail? Clark Kent's co-workers don't see that he is Superman. If I took off my classes dressed like that and call myself Superkvesti everyone who knows me would see that I am Superkvesti. Other superheroes try to hide their identities. First time Superman changes his clothes he uses revolving doors. If he is so fast that no-one sees he is changing clothes inside revolving doors he could change his clothes anywhere.  Where he puts his Clark Kent clothes after he has changed? We get answer to that later when his clothes disappear when he jumps of window as Clark Kent and turns into Superman during the fall. Why he needed revolving doors first time?

Then we should get to flying machines. If this movie told how dangerous human flight really is, we should have much more accidents. In first helicopter scene real pilots would have landed the helicopter without any problems. In this movie it is like he wants to cause as much damage as possible. I am not airplane engineer but I have heard somewhere that one destroyed engine would not cause problems for four engine plane. I don't remember do you need one or two working engines to land a plane. Lightning strikes wouldn't cause that kind of damage. Otherwise planes would drop all the time. I guess someone forced them to have speech telling how safe it is to fly.

I remembered this to be good movie without too much stupidity. It is an entertaining movie with lot of stupidity and high production values. In next movies they didn't try as hard.


  1. Was researching the theory of relativity in regards to this movie (comparing it to Man of Steel) and read that Luthor spoke about Kryptonite exploding in 1948. Could he have been referring to the time that the destruction was noticed on Earth and not the actual destruction?

  2. That would make sense. Noticing explosion on earth would take time light travels from Krypton to earth. Kryptonite would come here much slower. Probably close to speed Superman came here. That would make Superman and kryptonite to travel close to speed of light. But I think we should not put too much effort to try to apply real physics to superhero movie.