Wednesday, July 31, 2013

World's Finest - Why next Superman movie won't work

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

I don't usually write about film that are not released. I feel that I have write about Man of Steel sequel that has Batman in it. It is scheduled to be released 2015. Which means that Batman will be rebooted three years after last film.

Movie is inspired by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. I wrote earlier about first part of animated version of that comic. In second part Batman wins Superman in fight. If you like to know why this won't work in World's Finest, you just have to watch fight scenes of Man of Steel. Now, put normal athletic human into those fight scenes. Does it feel realistic?

Dark Knight Returns was separated story, which could have Superman that suited the story. This movie is sequel to movie, that introduced Superman, that is too fast and powerful for normal human. You can't have realistic fight between two. Batman simply can't be fast enough for Superman. He has to become more Iron man than Batman to give any challenge to Superman. He has to be something we haven't seen on big screen yet.

I think you could make working movie with Batman and Superman. There Batman has to be the brains and Superman the muscles. That however would make any following Batman movies lack any threat. Last two Batman movies would have been quite shorter with Superman in them. Superman simply can't exist in Batman universe. In comics we forget that there is other characters in same universe because different artists make comics so different. If they want to make this work at all in movies, they can't have Christian Bale as Batman. It has to be someone else with whom they can create new version of Batman.

I hope they won't take same route as comics where some characters can have several different publications that run same time, but are telling different stories, which doesn't have any effect on each others. That ruins comics for me. Only stories worth reading seem to be ones that have nothing to do with larger continuity.

This movie is made because studio want to have Justice League movie as soon as possible. Batman reboot in own movie won't make much sense so close after Dark Knight Rises. This next movie is just something they have to do before their real goal. I think DC is rushing to make Justice League movie because Avengers was so popular.

I think all this competition will turn against itself. There are going to be too much superhero movie. Some which are made only for building other movies. It think movies should be given more respect. I have nothing against supergroup movies, if they are made well like Avengers was. What I don't like is, if they start to make bad movies because they have to introduce characters for supergroup movie. I think one problem with Man of Steel was that studio wants to have Justice League movie as soon as possible. There was too much in one movie. It had first two Christopher Reeve Superman movies in one movie.

Next movie will be rushed introduction of new Batman. Third will probably be Justice League movie which will come 2017 or 2018. With currently known projects, they have only introduced Superman and Batman by then. There is Green Lantern movie, which everyone thinks was disappointment. If they bring Green Lantern from that movie, they have introduced three characters for Justice League. They still need Wonder Woman and Flash. Maybe someone else too. Fans wait Wonder Woman movie, but nothing has announced. There may be one or two people, who want to see movie about man, who can run really fast. If they go with this schedule they have wasted new Superman character. By joining Superman with Batman in next movie they will do that. New Batman will also be wasted. They would not use Wonder Woman before Justice League. Compared to what Marvel did with Avengers, it doesn't look good for DC.


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Monday, July 29, 2013

Battleship (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Battleship (2012).

Battleship is loosely based on classic board game of same name. By loosely I mean that Batman Forever was almost as much based on same game. Only thing from game was battle in middle of the movie and it didn't made any sense. But that is not a problem because rest of the movie makes very little sense too. Movie is just series of scenes that make very little sense.

Movie starts with our hero breaking in to store to get chicken tortilla to girl he met at bar. He got tased by police but manages to give tortilla to girl. His big brother didn't like that and says that he has to join the navy. We go to friendly football game (soccer to those who don't know what ball is and what foot is). There we see how our hero threats to kill his team-mate if he couldn't shoot penalty kick. After trash talk he misses the goal totally. After this he gets in the fight in toilet with member of other team. Movie makes sure that we understand that our hero is total jerk who can't make anything right. It is strange how this guy is third in command in destroyer.

Our hero doesn't grow during the movie. We just see that he is good using destroyer and battleship commander against aliens. Or he is just extremely lucky with unusual tactics he comes up with. We see that after others talks him out of committing suicide with destroyer and taking everyone on destroyer with him. Other characters are not any better. They character traits are being jerk, pretty nurse, grumpy old man or just looking pretty. Most are jerks. I don't understand why movie tries to make us hate the characters. Later all with more than few lines turn out to be heroes. Big brother takes one for the team because we need to have at least one casualty in alien invasion. Others overcome themselves and become heroes.

Then to aliens. They have strange technology that shows them what is a threat to them and what isn't. It is constantly malfunctioning. It works when there needs to be destruction and doesn't work when our heroes need to survive. Cheating technology is as easy as pointing weapons to different place. For some strange reason that didn't work for military airport or bridges. Cheating only worked for characters who had enough lines in movie. For some reason aliens forgot what was threat couple seconds ago and doesn't destroy threats if they no longer seem to be threats. It could almost mean that they didn't come here to fight. It was humans that started the fighting. That would have been great angle if there would not have been couple scenes that hinted aliens came here to destroy us. You can still think that what they did, they did as self-defence. After all they destroyed only what they saw as threat. It would have been better if aliens were simply defending themselves and humans were the bad guys. After all most humans in this movie were jerks.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

X-Men (1992-1997)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Dark Phoenix Saga as it was in Uncanny X-Men comics and animated X-Men series.

This could be named as Dark Phoenix Saga too. But I am not planning to write anything else about animated X-Men. X-Men is five seasons long animated series. Series takes characters and stories from comics, but put stories different order than in comics and have different characters in stories. Some stories are more faithful to source material than others. Problem of the series is that it is meant for kids. Meant for kids aspect grows as series goes on. Meant for kids problem is shown best in Dark Phoenix Saga. Dark Phoenix Saga was four episodes long and it was shown on third season. It followed source material so closely that they even added Chris Claremont's name to opening credits.

Little bit background for the story. Main character of story is Jean Grey. She had been in X-Men from the beginning and was sole female of original line-up. She became member of the "all-new, all-different" X-Men quite early on. That version of X-Men was the one that made X-Men popular. Series has almost that version of X-Men. Jean Grey had become powerful Phoenix. Professor X had added blocks to Jean Grey's head that prevented her to use all of her Phoenix powers. Comic didn't made it clear if Phoenix was different entity inside Jean Grey or was it just part of Jean Grey. Chris Claremont said later that he hadn't decided which was the case. Series made it clear that Phoenix was different entity.

Dark Phoenix Saga starts when Hellfire Club tries to brainwash Phoenix to join them. In series Hellfire Club was named Inner Circle. In comics Hellfire club removes block that prevented Phoenix to use all her powers. In series it was just brainwashing. Hellfire club wins X-Men, but Phoenix breaks free from brainwashing. X-Men wins following fight. In comic Phoenix make guy, that brainwashed her, insane. In series she changed that guys powers so that everyone sees him as he really is. In comics Hellfire Club stages it like X-Men are real bad guys and they are victims. Series never mention that angle.

After X-Men escape from Hellfire club, Phoenix turns into Dark Phoenix and starts fighting X-Men. In comic she did this because she wanted to cut ties to life she led as Jean Grey. In series it is more like Dark Phoenix is evil and It and Jean Grey fight for the control of Jean's body. After Dark Phoenix beat X-Men easily she goes outer space where she feeds on sun of another solar system. In comic inhabited planet orbits that sun. In series they make sure we understand that there are no inhabited planets. In comic she destroys Shi'ar spaceship after eating the sun. In series she just damages it.

Start to see pattern? It is understandable that they can't be as edgy on kid's animated tv series as in comics. Problem is that they changed the ending. To be fair ending of series is closer to original ending than actual ending Dark Phoenix Saga has. Destroying inhabited planet caused editorial controversy which meant that they couldn't use original ending. The changed ending is reason why this is one of the best known X-Men stories. After seeing ending that this series have, it is clearly better than original ending.

Fast forward to ending. After Phoenix ate sun, Professor X restores blocks in Jean's head. Shi'ar didn't like Phoenix destroying the sun. They want to kill her. Professor X challenges Shi'ar empire to duel for Jean Grey's life. Duel is between X-Men and Shi'ar empires superhero group in ruins of ancient civilization in moon. X-Men are about to lose the duel. But then Jean's love interest Cyclops falls and all blocks in her head are off. She becomes Dark Phoenix again. X-Men join the fight against Dark Phoenix. For a moment Dark Phoenix returns to Jean Grey. In series Phoenix leaves Jean Grey's body and everything is forgotten. They get back to their normal lives. In original ending Shi'ar empire took all powers from Jean Grey and she became normal human. Some of editorial team didn't like that ending after she destroyed inhabited planet.

In comic Jean Grey as other X-Men to kill her. They can't do that. So she kills herself with laser cannon she found from ruins. Jean Grey was important character in X-Men and in the end of this story she kills herself because she doesn't want to become Dark Phoenix again. That is what made this story so memorable. That doesn't everyday. In this case it required editorial controversy to happen. Without sacrifice this would have been just another cosmic comic story. Jean losing powers would not have made such impact. We know that because Storm lost her power later and it was not as big deal as Jean's sacrifice.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Collision Earth (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Collision Earth (2011).

This movie is really something. I like the topic. But this movie doesn't know anything about topic or how to make entertaining movie. Movie tries much too hard. I don't know why these movies are made. These are just waste of money and time of actors. With same money you could have made actually good movie, if you had scaled things down. Same actors and same money. Better script and director is all you need. I think these over the top scifi movies are some sort of genre. They have interesting topic and then they ruin everything by going too much over the top.

Movie starts slowly like good scifi movie. Spaceship is going to Mercury's orbit. But then something strange happens on Sun. Sun shoots solar flare or something like that. It pushes Mercury out of orbit towards earth. Spaceship is damage but not destroyed. You would expect force that can throw planet off the orbit would destroy spaceship. From here on we learn how little the movie understands science and scale of space.

It took something like one day for Mercury to travel close to earth. Originally Mercury was about to miss Earth but sun magnetized Mercury so much that Earth's magnetic field make Mercury to change its course to collision course to Earth. For some reason Sum made pieces of Mercury to travel to Earth with twice the speed of Mercury.

Story needed that because that way scientists learn that Mercury is magnetic. This magnetism causes strange phenomenons in Earth, like lifting cars to sky. Those cars have to be lifted up so they can rain down when ever movie needs it. Magnetism works quite selectively because it seem to lift only cars. We feel lucky because totally messed up science is only annoyance. I almost forgot that spaceship can only contact to movable pirate radiostation. With no delay in communication if I may add.

Now we get to point where convenient obstacles start to appear. Our heroes have limited time to save the earth. They have to fight against guards, crazy men with guns, highway robbers, raining cars, failing life support, failing radio and breaking car. Everyone and everything seem to be against them. There is no need for all this. It all just prevents the story going on. There are enough stakes without all this rubbish.

How do they stopped Mercury then? Scientists tried to change Mercury's course with few missiles that had to be launched when Mercury was close enough. Luckily they had another way to change Mercury's course. One that our hero suggested. They had abandon comet, meteorite or some large rock that they collated to Mercury. That made Mercury change its course. By that time it was so close to Earth that gravitational pull would have caused great destruction. Not to mention magnetism that lifted cars to sky when Mercury was about half way on course to Earth. But Earth was ok and all effects of Mercury ended as soon as course its changed.

Asteroids hitting the earth and what we could do with them is an interesting topic. Problem with these movies is that they compete how messed up science they can have. In real world they would not use anything that would make one big thing into many small things. Missiles would not make any sense. Collision would make some sense if it would be done carefully but there are better ways to change course of dangerous objects. They would have years or decades to change course. They would not need to do anything radical. Sending something next to object and letting gravitational pull do its thing would be enough.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dredd (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movies Dredd (2012) and Judge Dredd (1995).

Judge Dredd was strange movie. It got Judge Dredd's world totally correct. Then after ten or fifteen minutes Judge Dredd takes helmet off and movie turns into generic scifi action movie in 2000 AD universe. We saw that writers and director knew the source material. But for some reason they forgot it right after Judge Dredd took his helmet off. Before you ask, Rob Schneider's could have been from Judge Dredd comic books. Taking helmet off was not big problem for me. Problem was how movie changed after that happened. I think that is reason why taking helmet off is so big deal.

Dredd should be movie that doesn't let comic fans down. In it Judge Dredd doesn't take the helmet off. He doesn't grow during the movie and movie doesn't try to make you to relate to him. Dredd is tough judge as he is in comics. I think Karl Urban overdid  the angry face, but that doesn't bother too much. There is one shot that made me believe he is Judge Dredd. It is the one where throws bad guy off the floor and walks back to smoking ruins.

Judge Anderson is rookie judge who wants to make a change. She is more relatable character than Dredd. Dredd is killing machine who doesn't care about anyones life. Not even his own. He seems to enjoy causing pain. That is what Judge Dredd got wrong and Dredd got right. Judge Dredd tried to make Dredd human. That was mistake. Judge Dredd is not human. He is toughest judge of oppressive society. Other characters are human but not Dredd. There are Dredd comics where he shows himself at the end giving sentences to main characters of the story.

This movie is violent and nihilistic. Movie doesn't just show violence it shows that killed people have families. Story shows how idealistic Anderson sees what it takes to be judge and finds out that maybe that is not her thing. Dredd makes her shoot criminal who has given up. Later Dredd and Anderson meet criminal's wife and kid. Anderson let one criminal go when she sees that he was more victim than real criminal.

In the end Anderson thinks she didn't pass evaluation. Dredd lets her pass even when Anderson made mistakes that should cause automatic failure. Dredd see that Anderson's specials skills could be useful for judges.

This is nitpicking but there were few things I didn't like in this movie. There was corrupted Judge named Lex. That was little too much. Another thing was that it was not explained why Anderson's lawgiver exploded when criminal took it. Comics and earlier movie explained that judge's lawgiver makes dna check when someone picks it. If non-judge picks it, it explodes. If you didn't know that the scene came out of the blue. It didn't make sense that Dredd didn't ammo from first corrupted judge he killed. Than meant that he was out of ammo when other corrupted found him. When they are killed, he takes ammo from them.

Movie catches tone of Judge Dredd comics. I wish there was little more social commentary and bizarre characters. Beginning of Judge Dredd got those better than this.To be fair this had little social commentary. There are rumors that sequel is in consideration. That has sky rocketed dvd and blu ray sales. If you like nihilistic action movies or Judge Dredd, this is good time to check this movie.

Movie didn't make that well in box office. In Helsinki this had only three screenings. One at movie festival and two midnigth screenings during one weekend. I don't know were there any other screenings in Finland. That may explain poor box office.

I liked this movie and like to see sequel. This is good action movie, good scifi movie and stays faithful to source material.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Planet Hulk (2010)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Planet Hulk (2010) and comic with same name.

My original plan was to do this movie after Superman vs The Elite. I planned to compare DC animation against Marvel animation. Because I did live action Superman movies and X-Men first class after animation movies that comparison has to wait. This post will end month long superhero theme in this blog. Next movie will be something else.

Planet Hulk is based on comic story arc of same name. The comic made me like Hulk character and showed what can be done with character. This animation is stripped down and more child friendly version of comic. There were couple stronger scenes left but mostly it was like regular cartoons. All subplots and themes of dying race and world are dropped.

In beginning of Planet Hulk earth superheroes send Hulk to another planet because they can't control him. Instead of planet where Hulk was supposed to enter he enters to planet Sakaar. Sakaar is controlled by Roman empire like alien society which is ruled by Red King. Hulk is captured and put to  gladiator fights. From there on our lovable green monster become unwilling saviour and ruler of Sakaar. At start Hulk only cares for himself and wants to be left alone. During story he bonds more with his gladiator friends. In comic there is more time to make this change sophisticated. Here it is quite straightforward.

Story suffers greatly from being too straight forward. In movie Caiera changes sides because Red King uses zombie epidemic like weapon called Spikes. In comic change is more complicated. There Spikes are final nail to coffin. Movie doesn't build romance between Hulk and Caiera anyway. It just comes out of nowhere. Or then I see it only because I know it from comic. Spikes lose their effect in movie because movie doesn't use dying planet angle. In comic impact is stronger because you know world is dying but that doesn't stop Red King using such destructive and uncontrollable weapons as Spikes.

What movie got better than comic is ending. Movie ends where comic should have ended. Movie ends when Red King is defeated and people want Hulk to rule them. Comic continues from there and we see problem of long running comics. Long running comics can't have happy endings. When Hulk has finally found place for himself. Ship that brought him to Sakaar explodes and causes great destruction. Caiera is killed and Hulk goes back to Earth with his gladiator friends. That starts World War Hulk. In comics Hulk couldn't get happiness unlike this in movie.

Comic is definitely better than movie. Movie suffers from poor animation and that it is aimed for kids. Story is interesting and you get more of it and more nuances from comic. Movie doesn't show Hulk as great character as comic does. In movie Hulk is just angry green monster. Comic shows him more complicated character.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

X-Men: First Class (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie X-Men: First Class (2011).

Despite I have had Batman and Superman marathons in this blog I have always been Marvel guy rather than DC guy. You could say that I was X-Men fan during Chris Claremont era. I was really excited about first two X-Men movies which had Claremont era characters. Third movie was disaster. I was not too interested about this movie when this was released. After seeing the movie, I say I should have been.

Remember how I didn't like Superman movie because they didn't show how world reacted to Superman. It is because X-Men is all about how humans react to mutants. It feels odd to see movies where people don't react to super powerful entities realistic way.

This is bit strange movie to watch if you know the characters and their histories from comics. Because this is prequel to X-Men movies they can't use some of the characters that were in first X-Men in comics. Iceman was little kid in earlier movies. Angel was introduced in third movie. Cyclops and Marvel Girl could have been in this movie. Only Beast is here from original X-Men. These characters were replaced by Havok, Banshee, Mystique, Angel Salvadore and Darwin. I didn't know last two characters before this movie. Wikipedia tells that they appeared to comics 2001 and 2006. I have no idea are they important in comics now.

Mystique being there is understandable because this is time when Xavier and Magneto still worked together. I don't remember that Mystique and Xavier had history together like they had in this movie. This goes to bad guys too their group also has characters that weren't in group in comics. What is good is that all characters act like they acted in comics and what they do in this movie is something that they could have done in comics. Like this is alternative universe for comic universe. In the end it all makes more sense than in beginning. Groups look bit strange if you know what happened in comics.

What is good in this movie is that any character can die. Because this is prequel all who were in earlier movie survive of course, but others are in danger zone. That makes this movie best X-Men movie so far. Stakes are higher and that makes scenes more powerful. If I remember correctly they killer characters in third movie too, but in that it didn't make as much impact as in this movie. This is good movie that gets what X-Men are even when it doesn't follow the source material perfectly. It got the idea ant that is what is important.

They are making next X-Men movie. I am disappointed that it is not direct sequel to this movie but for third movie. Some of this movies cast will be in next movie but it will mostly be cast from earlier movies. They should have made at least one more prequel because ending of this movie asks for another movie. What happens to group that Magneto has at the end of this movie? Next movie is based on Days of the Future Past which is one of best X-Men stories and Marc Singer returns to director's seat. But I still would have liked sequel to this from same director than what we will get.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Man of Steel (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Man of Steel (2013).

Am I only one who want interesting stories from movies? Only one who can't be satisfied by CGI? It feels like that after seeing Man of Steel and trailers for movies released this year. I couldn't care less about Pacific Rim, World War Z or Wolverine 3D. I liked World War Z audio book, but based on trailer the movie will be nothing like it. All of those movies seem to be just CGI action and nothing else. As was Man of Steel. Story had potential but it was wasted in stupid plot points and too long action scenes which came too often.

Most interesting part of this movie was Kryptonian race and society. Too bad that almost all the time we saw Krypton there was civil war going on and Jor-El was running away from Zod. Main plot point of movie was genetic codex. Kryptonians didn't have back up copy of it and it was easily available for every one who wanted to get it. It had no security. If someone stole it no new Kryptonians would born. Advanced race like Kryptonias wouldn't have only one copy of such important device. It is also strange that Kyptonias had sent genesis chambers to distant worlds when genesis chambers need genetic codex of which there are only one copy which is destroyed when information is uploaded to Superman. Whole story revolves around this codex. If only Kryptonians took backups.

Another annoying thing in this movie is how little they care if Superman's secret identity is revealed or not. Lois Lane figures it out and then in one point it is told to whole world that Lois Lane knows who Superman is. Before final fight comes to Kent farm in police car. So those inside police car know where Superman lives. As does everyone who transported Superman's ship to military base. It would be easy for anyone to find out who Superman really is. And in the end Clark Kent goes to work for Daily Planet. And yes, he has those classes.

With all destruction Superman and Kryptonians caused I would assume that USA would not accept Superman's word that he is on their side and never turn against them. All that destruction would mean that humans would find a way to neutralize Superman. They destroyed much of Metropolis in final fight. That defenately would make people fear Superman and probably move away from Metropolis. Whole final fight was just CGI over kill. It took something away from ending. It is hard to believe that Superman would care that much of few humans after he and Zod had destroyed several skyscrapers during final fight. I wonder where they go after major twist in the end. That twist is totally forgotten after it happened. Like it is what Superman usually does and we should not care about it.

Movie had its moments but they were too few. Kryptonian society was interesting until Jor-El turned into action hero. Kryptonians were caste based society of clone. Genetic codex was used for creating new Kryptonians. Kryptonians had stopped exploration and ended up mining Krypton's cause which caused destruction Krypton. When this started to get interesting we got civil war and action scenes killed any further studies of Kryptonian society.

I also liked scene where Jonathan Kent shows Clark that he should not save him. Before Clark Kent becomes we see him as his kind of entity would live in this world. We won't see that in next movie because he became Daily Planet reporter at the end. Military acts realistic from time to time.

I recommend playing video games rather that watching this movie. I video game you can do something. This has better graphics but everything else is worse. I honestly got bored during fight scenes. Fight scenes are just too long and has little other than fighting and destruction. I miss Superman Returns where we had fight scenes which mattered. Zack Snyder can direct great action scenes. I guess that is why this movie is so full of them that it gets boring. Superman Returns is still best Superman movie. I would put this somewhere behind first three Christopher Reeve's Superman movies. This had potential and we saw some hints of what this could have been. But this movie delivered only CGI fights and action scenes.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Superman returns (2006)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superman returns (2006).

Bryan Singer directed first two X-Men movies. When he chose to direct this one X-Men three was given to someone else and that ended up to be disaster. I planned to start this post by saying Singer's decision resulted two bad films. But I can't say that because this is not bad movie. I would have liked to see sequels to this movie.

This movie was from point of view Superman movies should be. That is from point of view of other characters. I have already told in earlier posts that I don't like Superman character. He is too overpowered to be interesting. World where Superman lives is more interesting. This movie is more about the world than Superman. Lois Lane is main character. She has son who is also son of Superman. She has long time boyfriend and everything is going great until Superman returns. In this movie she is good reporter unlike in earlier movies unlike earlier movies where she just go to dangerous places and get exclusive interviews from Superman. In this she seem to be only one interested in important things when others are interested only about Superman. She even solves cases which Clark Kent should investigate.

Clark Kent seems to be more like teenager in love. I guess he is good reporter only because he can type so fast. He doesn't do any reporting work in this movie. He just hangs there waiting for something. Only Lois Lane's boyfriend seem to think about connection between Clark Kent and Superman. Others doesn't connect that Clark and Superman disappeared and returned at same time and are same size. I feel bad for Lois Lane's boyfriend. He is good person but he is no match for Superman. Movie didn't tell what happened between him and Lois Lane now when everyone knows the kid is Superman's son. I guess it was too much for most of audience that Superman movie had adult themes like this and not childishly black and white issues.

Lex Luthor has plans to create new continent. But that is not interesting or important. it is just way to get our heroes into situations where they have to think about their relationships. This situations also show more things about our heroes. I like how action is limited and how people's feelings are more important. When Lex and gang are beating Superman to death, movie show more interest on how Lex's girlfriend feels about what is happening. Action fans doesn't like this approach but I like it much more than watching super powerful entity winning normal humans.

This is not your regular Superman movie. This is slower, has less action and consecrates more on other characters than Superman.This is best Superman movie I have seen. There is still Man of Steele. I decide what I write about it after seeing it. If I can't come up with anything good I probably make short post telling how I liked it and write my regular post of some other movie.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987).

This is infamous fourth Christopher Reeve Superman. Other movies were stupid too but had something good in them. This is just stupid. Christopher Reeve didn't want to be in this movie. He did it only because he could be part of writing team. Reeve seem to like first two movies because this is rather sequel to second movie than it is to third movie. Like third movie never happened. There is no mention of Lana Lang and Superman is using Lois Lane. By using I mean that he reveals to Lois he is Superman, has fun with her and then erases memory from Lois' brains. Question is not is Lois has brain damage. Question is how bad brain damage Lois has. If anyone else did that so someone else it would be extremely creepy. In this it is shown somewhat romantic.

I have written in my previous posts how unrealistic world react to Superman. In this it is worse than earlier movies. Superman's speech in United Nations wouldn't have cheering reaction would not have same reaction in real world. Nations are like kids who can't solve their issues by themselves and Superman is like father who solves the issues. And everyone just shoot their nuclear weapons to sky where Superman collects them and throw them into sun. So the question is did everyone shot their all of their nuclear weapons? And what is point of having nuclear weapons in world where Superman, who want help Peoples of all nation, can destroy all nuclear weapons before they hit targets? I didn't understand why Superman stopped destroying nuclear weapons. There were five people who didn't like that and rest wanted to Superman to continue. He could do what ever he wants and often does that.

This movie has so much stupidity. There is no reason why they destroy  car during Luthor's escape. If you can drive get away car to prison and you only has to take care of two guard, there are better ways to do that than getting two guards to car and destroying the car. Superman has been hippie or heavy metal fan at some point. He had to had long hair at some point if that hair in museum was really Superman's hair. Lex cuts that hair quite easily. If someone could do the math, I would like to know how hard to cut that hair should have been.

Powerful bad guy is named Nuclearman. He get turned off if he is not in sunlight. His problem is that he doesn't have any brains. Otherwise he wouldn't have let Lex Luthor controlling him. For more powerful entity than Superman it is easy to always stay in sunlight. Superman beats Nuclearman by moving the moon in front of sun. Like that wouldn't cause terrible disasters around the world. Maybe he fixed them like he fixed Great Wall of China by shooting some kind of fixing beams from his eyes.

Superman must have some other mental powers than erasing memory from Lois Lane. He does so little to hide his secret identity that it is annoying. He takes Superman's mail and send Superman's pictures as Clark Kent to anyone who wants them. Double date were he was with Lois Lane as Superman and with other woman as Clark Kent was just too much. Like they can't count one to one when Clark Kent disappears same time as Superman has to leave to do important Superman stuff.

I have to give credit for this movie from two things. First thing is that movie starts with Superman saving Russian space station and speaking Russian to cosmonauts. First words Superman speaks in this movie is in Russian.  I think that was big deal at the time. Second thing is that this movie doesn't have "dark side of the moon". There is far side of the moon not dark side of the moon. Every side of the moon gets sunlight at some point. This movie got it and it was pleasant surprise to see that. Problem is  those are only good things in this movie. Luckily this movie is under one and half hour long. Earlier ones were over two hours.

I am bit scared of next movie Superman Returns. Only thing I remember of that movie is that I didn't want to see it again.