Monday, July 22, 2013

Collision Earth (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Collision Earth (2011).

This movie is really something. I like the topic. But this movie doesn't know anything about topic or how to make entertaining movie. Movie tries much too hard. I don't know why these movies are made. These are just waste of money and time of actors. With same money you could have made actually good movie, if you had scaled things down. Same actors and same money. Better script and director is all you need. I think these over the top scifi movies are some sort of genre. They have interesting topic and then they ruin everything by going too much over the top.

Movie starts slowly like good scifi movie. Spaceship is going to Mercury's orbit. But then something strange happens on Sun. Sun shoots solar flare or something like that. It pushes Mercury out of orbit towards earth. Spaceship is damage but not destroyed. You would expect force that can throw planet off the orbit would destroy spaceship. From here on we learn how little the movie understands science and scale of space.

It took something like one day for Mercury to travel close to earth. Originally Mercury was about to miss Earth but sun magnetized Mercury so much that Earth's magnetic field make Mercury to change its course to collision course to Earth. For some reason Sum made pieces of Mercury to travel to Earth with twice the speed of Mercury.

Story needed that because that way scientists learn that Mercury is magnetic. This magnetism causes strange phenomenons in Earth, like lifting cars to sky. Those cars have to be lifted up so they can rain down when ever movie needs it. Magnetism works quite selectively because it seem to lift only cars. We feel lucky because totally messed up science is only annoyance. I almost forgot that spaceship can only contact to movable pirate radiostation. With no delay in communication if I may add.

Now we get to point where convenient obstacles start to appear. Our heroes have limited time to save the earth. They have to fight against guards, crazy men with guns, highway robbers, raining cars, failing life support, failing radio and breaking car. Everyone and everything seem to be against them. There is no need for all this. It all just prevents the story going on. There are enough stakes without all this rubbish.

How do they stopped Mercury then? Scientists tried to change Mercury's course with few missiles that had to be launched when Mercury was close enough. Luckily they had another way to change Mercury's course. One that our hero suggested. They had abandon comet, meteorite or some large rock that they collated to Mercury. That made Mercury change its course. By that time it was so close to Earth that gravitational pull would have caused great destruction. Not to mention magnetism that lifted cars to sky when Mercury was about half way on course to Earth. But Earth was ok and all effects of Mercury ended as soon as course its changed.

Asteroids hitting the earth and what we could do with them is an interesting topic. Problem with these movies is that they compete how messed up science they can have. In real world they would not use anything that would make one big thing into many small things. Missiles would not make any sense. Collision would make some sense if it would be done carefully but there are better ways to change course of dangerous objects. They would have years or decades to change course. They would not need to do anything radical. Sending something next to object and letting gravitational pull do its thing would be enough.

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