Monday, July 8, 2013

Man of Steel (2013)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Man of Steel (2013).

Am I only one who want interesting stories from movies? Only one who can't be satisfied by CGI? It feels like that after seeing Man of Steel and trailers for movies released this year. I couldn't care less about Pacific Rim, World War Z or Wolverine 3D. I liked World War Z audio book, but based on trailer the movie will be nothing like it. All of those movies seem to be just CGI action and nothing else. As was Man of Steel. Story had potential but it was wasted in stupid plot points and too long action scenes which came too often.

Most interesting part of this movie was Kryptonian race and society. Too bad that almost all the time we saw Krypton there was civil war going on and Jor-El was running away from Zod. Main plot point of movie was genetic codex. Kryptonians didn't have back up copy of it and it was easily available for every one who wanted to get it. It had no security. If someone stole it no new Kryptonians would born. Advanced race like Kryptonias wouldn't have only one copy of such important device. It is also strange that Kyptonias had sent genesis chambers to distant worlds when genesis chambers need genetic codex of which there are only one copy which is destroyed when information is uploaded to Superman. Whole story revolves around this codex. If only Kryptonians took backups.

Another annoying thing in this movie is how little they care if Superman's secret identity is revealed or not. Lois Lane figures it out and then in one point it is told to whole world that Lois Lane knows who Superman is. Before final fight comes to Kent farm in police car. So those inside police car know where Superman lives. As does everyone who transported Superman's ship to military base. It would be easy for anyone to find out who Superman really is. And in the end Clark Kent goes to work for Daily Planet. And yes, he has those classes.

With all destruction Superman and Kryptonians caused I would assume that USA would not accept Superman's word that he is on their side and never turn against them. All that destruction would mean that humans would find a way to neutralize Superman. They destroyed much of Metropolis in final fight. That defenately would make people fear Superman and probably move away from Metropolis. Whole final fight was just CGI over kill. It took something away from ending. It is hard to believe that Superman would care that much of few humans after he and Zod had destroyed several skyscrapers during final fight. I wonder where they go after major twist in the end. That twist is totally forgotten after it happened. Like it is what Superman usually does and we should not care about it.

Movie had its moments but they were too few. Kryptonian society was interesting until Jor-El turned into action hero. Kryptonians were caste based society of clone. Genetic codex was used for creating new Kryptonians. Kryptonians had stopped exploration and ended up mining Krypton's cause which caused destruction Krypton. When this started to get interesting we got civil war and action scenes killed any further studies of Kryptonian society.

I also liked scene where Jonathan Kent shows Clark that he should not save him. Before Clark Kent becomes we see him as his kind of entity would live in this world. We won't see that in next movie because he became Daily Planet reporter at the end. Military acts realistic from time to time.

I recommend playing video games rather that watching this movie. I video game you can do something. This has better graphics but everything else is worse. I honestly got bored during fight scenes. Fight scenes are just too long and has little other than fighting and destruction. I miss Superman Returns where we had fight scenes which mattered. Zack Snyder can direct great action scenes. I guess that is why this movie is so full of them that it gets boring. Superman Returns is still best Superman movie. I would put this somewhere behind first three Christopher Reeve's Superman movies. This had potential and we saw some hints of what this could have been. But this movie delivered only CGI fights and action scenes.


  1. Good points, I agree with you. It was just boring to have these massive "I-will-hit-you-through-the-building" fights again and again. I would also have expected more depth in explaining Superman and his motives...

  2. I think you have to wait for long time if you want Superman's motives explained. I don't remember them explained in comics or movies. He just is what he is and you should not question that. That is one reason why I don't like the character.