Monday, July 1, 2013

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987).

This is infamous fourth Christopher Reeve Superman. Other movies were stupid too but had something good in them. This is just stupid. Christopher Reeve didn't want to be in this movie. He did it only because he could be part of writing team. Reeve seem to like first two movies because this is rather sequel to second movie than it is to third movie. Like third movie never happened. There is no mention of Lana Lang and Superman is using Lois Lane. By using I mean that he reveals to Lois he is Superman, has fun with her and then erases memory from Lois' brains. Question is not is Lois has brain damage. Question is how bad brain damage Lois has. If anyone else did that so someone else it would be extremely creepy. In this it is shown somewhat romantic.

I have written in my previous posts how unrealistic world react to Superman. In this it is worse than earlier movies. Superman's speech in United Nations wouldn't have cheering reaction would not have same reaction in real world. Nations are like kids who can't solve their issues by themselves and Superman is like father who solves the issues. And everyone just shoot their nuclear weapons to sky where Superman collects them and throw them into sun. So the question is did everyone shot their all of their nuclear weapons? And what is point of having nuclear weapons in world where Superman, who want help Peoples of all nation, can destroy all nuclear weapons before they hit targets? I didn't understand why Superman stopped destroying nuclear weapons. There were five people who didn't like that and rest wanted to Superman to continue. He could do what ever he wants and often does that.

This movie has so much stupidity. There is no reason why they destroy  car during Luthor's escape. If you can drive get away car to prison and you only has to take care of two guard, there are better ways to do that than getting two guards to car and destroying the car. Superman has been hippie or heavy metal fan at some point. He had to had long hair at some point if that hair in museum was really Superman's hair. Lex cuts that hair quite easily. If someone could do the math, I would like to know how hard to cut that hair should have been.

Powerful bad guy is named Nuclearman. He get turned off if he is not in sunlight. His problem is that he doesn't have any brains. Otherwise he wouldn't have let Lex Luthor controlling him. For more powerful entity than Superman it is easy to always stay in sunlight. Superman beats Nuclearman by moving the moon in front of sun. Like that wouldn't cause terrible disasters around the world. Maybe he fixed them like he fixed Great Wall of China by shooting some kind of fixing beams from his eyes.

Superman must have some other mental powers than erasing memory from Lois Lane. He does so little to hide his secret identity that it is annoying. He takes Superman's mail and send Superman's pictures as Clark Kent to anyone who wants them. Double date were he was with Lois Lane as Superman and with other woman as Clark Kent was just too much. Like they can't count one to one when Clark Kent disappears same time as Superman has to leave to do important Superman stuff.

I have to give credit for this movie from two things. First thing is that movie starts with Superman saving Russian space station and speaking Russian to cosmonauts. First words Superman speaks in this movie is in Russian.  I think that was big deal at the time. Second thing is that this movie doesn't have "dark side of the moon". There is far side of the moon not dark side of the moon. Every side of the moon gets sunlight at some point. This movie got it and it was pleasant surprise to see that. Problem is  those are only good things in this movie. Luckily this movie is under one and half hour long. Earlier ones were over two hours.

I am bit scared of next movie Superman Returns. Only thing I remember of that movie is that I didn't want to see it again.

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