Thursday, July 4, 2013

Superman returns (2006)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Superman returns (2006).

Bryan Singer directed first two X-Men movies. When he chose to direct this one X-Men three was given to someone else and that ended up to be disaster. I planned to start this post by saying Singer's decision resulted two bad films. But I can't say that because this is not bad movie. I would have liked to see sequels to this movie.

This movie was from point of view Superman movies should be. That is from point of view of other characters. I have already told in earlier posts that I don't like Superman character. He is too overpowered to be interesting. World where Superman lives is more interesting. This movie is more about the world than Superman. Lois Lane is main character. She has son who is also son of Superman. She has long time boyfriend and everything is going great until Superman returns. In this movie she is good reporter unlike in earlier movies unlike earlier movies where she just go to dangerous places and get exclusive interviews from Superman. In this she seem to be only one interested in important things when others are interested only about Superman. She even solves cases which Clark Kent should investigate.

Clark Kent seems to be more like teenager in love. I guess he is good reporter only because he can type so fast. He doesn't do any reporting work in this movie. He just hangs there waiting for something. Only Lois Lane's boyfriend seem to think about connection between Clark Kent and Superman. Others doesn't connect that Clark and Superman disappeared and returned at same time and are same size. I feel bad for Lois Lane's boyfriend. He is good person but he is no match for Superman. Movie didn't tell what happened between him and Lois Lane now when everyone knows the kid is Superman's son. I guess it was too much for most of audience that Superman movie had adult themes like this and not childishly black and white issues.

Lex Luthor has plans to create new continent. But that is not interesting or important. it is just way to get our heroes into situations where they have to think about their relationships. This situations also show more things about our heroes. I like how action is limited and how people's feelings are more important. When Lex and gang are beating Superman to death, movie show more interest on how Lex's girlfriend feels about what is happening. Action fans doesn't like this approach but I like it much more than watching super powerful entity winning normal humans.

This is not your regular Superman movie. This is slower, has less action and consecrates more on other characters than Superman.This is best Superman movie I have seen. There is still Man of Steele. I decide what I write about it after seeing it. If I can't come up with anything good I probably make short post telling how I liked it and write my regular post of some other movie.

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