Wednesday, July 31, 2013

World's Finest - Why next Superman movie won't work

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

I don't usually write about film that are not released. I feel that I have write about Man of Steel sequel that has Batman in it. It is scheduled to be released 2015. Which means that Batman will be rebooted three years after last film.

Movie is inspired by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. I wrote earlier about first part of animated version of that comic. In second part Batman wins Superman in fight. If you like to know why this won't work in World's Finest, you just have to watch fight scenes of Man of Steel. Now, put normal athletic human into those fight scenes. Does it feel realistic?

Dark Knight Returns was separated story, which could have Superman that suited the story. This movie is sequel to movie, that introduced Superman, that is too fast and powerful for normal human. You can't have realistic fight between two. Batman simply can't be fast enough for Superman. He has to become more Iron man than Batman to give any challenge to Superman. He has to be something we haven't seen on big screen yet.

I think you could make working movie with Batman and Superman. There Batman has to be the brains and Superman the muscles. That however would make any following Batman movies lack any threat. Last two Batman movies would have been quite shorter with Superman in them. Superman simply can't exist in Batman universe. In comics we forget that there is other characters in same universe because different artists make comics so different. If they want to make this work at all in movies, they can't have Christian Bale as Batman. It has to be someone else with whom they can create new version of Batman.

I hope they won't take same route as comics where some characters can have several different publications that run same time, but are telling different stories, which doesn't have any effect on each others. That ruins comics for me. Only stories worth reading seem to be ones that have nothing to do with larger continuity.

This movie is made because studio want to have Justice League movie as soon as possible. Batman reboot in own movie won't make much sense so close after Dark Knight Rises. This next movie is just something they have to do before their real goal. I think DC is rushing to make Justice League movie because Avengers was so popular.

I think all this competition will turn against itself. There are going to be too much superhero movie. Some which are made only for building other movies. It think movies should be given more respect. I have nothing against supergroup movies, if they are made well like Avengers was. What I don't like is, if they start to make bad movies because they have to introduce characters for supergroup movie. I think one problem with Man of Steel was that studio wants to have Justice League movie as soon as possible. There was too much in one movie. It had first two Christopher Reeve Superman movies in one movie.

Next movie will be rushed introduction of new Batman. Third will probably be Justice League movie which will come 2017 or 2018. With currently known projects, they have only introduced Superman and Batman by then. There is Green Lantern movie, which everyone thinks was disappointment. If they bring Green Lantern from that movie, they have introduced three characters for Justice League. They still need Wonder Woman and Flash. Maybe someone else too. Fans wait Wonder Woman movie, but nothing has announced. There may be one or two people, who want to see movie about man, who can run really fast. If they go with this schedule they have wasted new Superman character. By joining Superman with Batman in next movie they will do that. New Batman will also be wasted. They would not use Wonder Woman before Justice League. Compared to what Marvel did with Avengers, it doesn't look good for DC.


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