Thursday, July 11, 2013

X-Men: First Class (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie X-Men: First Class (2011).

Despite I have had Batman and Superman marathons in this blog I have always been Marvel guy rather than DC guy. You could say that I was X-Men fan during Chris Claremont era. I was really excited about first two X-Men movies which had Claremont era characters. Third movie was disaster. I was not too interested about this movie when this was released. After seeing the movie, I say I should have been.

Remember how I didn't like Superman movie because they didn't show how world reacted to Superman. It is because X-Men is all about how humans react to mutants. It feels odd to see movies where people don't react to super powerful entities realistic way.

This is bit strange movie to watch if you know the characters and their histories from comics. Because this is prequel to X-Men movies they can't use some of the characters that were in first X-Men in comics. Iceman was little kid in earlier movies. Angel was introduced in third movie. Cyclops and Marvel Girl could have been in this movie. Only Beast is here from original X-Men. These characters were replaced by Havok, Banshee, Mystique, Angel Salvadore and Darwin. I didn't know last two characters before this movie. Wikipedia tells that they appeared to comics 2001 and 2006. I have no idea are they important in comics now.

Mystique being there is understandable because this is time when Xavier and Magneto still worked together. I don't remember that Mystique and Xavier had history together like they had in this movie. This goes to bad guys too their group also has characters that weren't in group in comics. What is good is that all characters act like they acted in comics and what they do in this movie is something that they could have done in comics. Like this is alternative universe for comic universe. In the end it all makes more sense than in beginning. Groups look bit strange if you know what happened in comics.

What is good in this movie is that any character can die. Because this is prequel all who were in earlier movie survive of course, but others are in danger zone. That makes this movie best X-Men movie so far. Stakes are higher and that makes scenes more powerful. If I remember correctly they killer characters in third movie too, but in that it didn't make as much impact as in this movie. This is good movie that gets what X-Men are even when it doesn't follow the source material perfectly. It got the idea ant that is what is important.

They are making next X-Men movie. I am disappointed that it is not direct sequel to this movie but for third movie. Some of this movies cast will be in next movie but it will mostly be cast from earlier movies. They should have made at least one more prequel because ending of this movie asks for another movie. What happens to group that Magneto has at the end of this movie? Next movie is based on Days of the Future Past which is one of best X-Men stories and Marc Singer returns to director's seat. But I still would have liked sequel to this from same director than what we will get.

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