Thursday, August 29, 2013

Drive Angry (2011)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Drive Angry (2011).

I guess I have seen that one scene in Shoot 'Em Up. This time it was little longer and showed more. But it still was Shoot 'Em Up rip-off. This movie made me want to watch Shoot 'Em Up again. Good thing that I have that movie on Blu-Ray.

But back to this movie. I wanted to see some Crazy Cage. I don't remember seen him playing crazy characters that much. I guess I haven't seen correct movies. In movie's name is Drive Angry, it surely have some Crazy Cage. It didn't have. And it didn't have much of hell. What it had was over the top action, skin and fast cars. It had some of that 80's action movie feeling. I wish they hadn't use that much CGI. It ate impact of the movie. They should have toned down the supernatural aspect.

Cage has escaped from hell to save is his grand daughter. She is held by cult who wants to sacrifice her. Cage is followed by Accountant, who wants to take Cage back to hell. Cage picks up waitress Piper. They kill two cops and lot of cult members. That makes them fugitives. Accountant acts FBI agent and let Cage and Piper go through police blockade. We learn that cult had nothing to do with Satan even if they think they are satanic cult. Accountant tells Cage and Piper, that Satan doesn't like little children to be sacrificed in his name. That would make Satan angry. He wants Cage to kill the cult while he watches, but he want to have the Godkiller first. Godkiller is weapon, that can kill supernatural beings like Accountant.

After this all consistency and realism goes out of the window. Cage goes to cult's camp and starts one man killing show. He is unstoppable killing machine and no-one can stop him. Until there is only few cult members alive. Cult leader Jonah King among them. They manage to stop Cage. Piper takes Godkiller from Accountant and goes to help Cage. She shoots Godkiller once causing great damage. However recoil knocks her out. There is only King and Cage left. King beats Cage and tells him that mortal weapons can't kill him. Good thing that Godkiller was there and Cage shoots King with it. Until this point nothing indicated that King was supernatural being. He was shown as regular human who was cult leader. Accountant didn't know the cult or King. Why he was told to be supernatural at the end? That was totally unnecessary and didn't made any sense. It was like that was thrown there at last minute because someone thought that was great idea. It wasn't.

After King was killed, Cage give his grand daughter to Piper. She really is the best person to take care of baby. Early in the movie we learn that she is unemployed and can't keep her jobs. During the movie she became cop killer. With Cage and fake FBI agent Accountant gone, she is only one who can be blamed for killings. Cage tell that his friend will look after them. Earlier in the movie King told police that Cage and Piper where at that same friends farm or what ever it was. Police will surely come search Piper from there. I hate when movies make happy endings that doesn't make much sense when you start to think about them. This is not only one that does that.

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