Monday, August 26, 2013

The Avengers (1998)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Avengers (1998).

Everyone reviewed this just before Marvel's Avengers movie was released. I guess it was funny to review The Avengers before The Avengers was released. Everyone said this was bad movie. I don't agree with that. I liked this movie.

Yes, there is male agent named mother and female agent named father. Yes, Steed asked Mrs Peel to meet him in gentlemen's club, where women are not allowed for over hundred years. Yes, they drink tea all the time. Yes, there are teddy bear costumes. But this movie was meant to be campy like 60's Batman or Danger 5. Witty dialog turned most reviewers off. I liked it. I guess you have to like british movies and tv shows to like this movie. Or at least british humor.

It was refreshing to watch movie with witty dialog instead of cursing and shouting. Our heroes were so good that they didn't have to run most of the time. I was kind of disappointed when Steed run when Mrs Peel was kidnapped. After Mrs Peel escapes her kidnappers, we got my favourite scene of the movie. Steed and Mrs Peel kiss and in following witty dialog they discuss, how it was just scientific test to find out, if Mrs Peel was real Mrs Peel. You should find that scene from Youtube with movie's name and kiss. The dialog and acting are pure gold.

I really didn't understand villains plan. Why would you want to threat countries, if you could control the weather? You could get more money than you could ever spent, if you sold the weather. He even had company that sold weather. Didn't it make enough money? As soon as someone starts to threat countries with weather, everyone will be after him. By being legitimate business man, he could spend his money. Have holidays and visit other countries. But no. He had to rule the world. I have never got that. Why you would want to rule the world? In modern world it is better to be rich nobody than ruler of the world. Only time you gain something by becoming ruler of the world is, when there is tyrant ruling the world keeping the world in his tight control. In free world ruling the world doesn't make any sense.

I won't get to how unrealistic the weather controlling device was, because this movie didn't aim for realism. However I have to say that, who designed that thing, made huge mistake by placing controlling room at the bottom where it was so close to water that it almost drowned when waves got higher.

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