Monday, August 5, 2013

The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005).

This is fifth and currently last movie in The Prophecy franchise. Straight to dvd as was The Prophecy: Uprising. This movie was made right after Uprising and follows events of Uprising story wise. To be exact Allison, Satan, Satan's place and the Lexicon is from first movie. Everything else is forgotten. There is no mention of brother. I guess this happens in Romania too, but this doesn't mention it and all events could happen anywhere. If Uprising didn't have much visual effect, this have even less. Lack of effect is replaced by mob of gangster looking angels when you should feel a supernatural threat.

This time is angel named Stark. He wants to prevent apocalypse, because he doesn't want humans to heaven and taking God's love from angels. When Satan explains Start's motivations it felt like he was talking part of himself. I mean that complete Satan would be a combination of this movie's Satan and Stark. Or then I have forgotten how christianity represents Satan.

Allison is still protecting the Lexicon, book that writes itself. She is doing really bad job. She has destroyed the book already. She has taken covers off to create decoy and in the end she spreads pages of book all over the town. She talks about saving the book even after she had thrown half of the pages away. The book didn't make sense. Why it still wrote itself after it was destroyer. Text just appeared to pages. Angel did know when events were written and which events were written. But they didn't know what exactly was written. They knew the book like you know this blog post appear here today at the hour it appeared and that it would be about The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005). Was it advertised somewhere?

Angel knew when name of antichrist would appear to the book. They wanted to know that so they could kill him before he starts apocalypse. It was mentioned that name would appear to last page. It was also mentioned that the book would tell about end times. End times must be really short if name of the one that starts apocalypse in mentioned first time at the last page. Does the book get more pages as it is written? What would happen now when all the pages are speared all over the town where any one can pick them? That could create interesting sequel where common people find self-writing pages and bad guys hunt them down.

This time most interesting character is Dylan, a hitman who works for Stark but tries to break free from Stark's control. Others are what you could expect from low-budget straight to dvd movie. This is more like first three movies than previous was. Last two movies were made same time. I guess that is why previous movie was prophecy movie.

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