Thursday, August 22, 2013

Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003).

This is straight to video sequel to Timecop. This happens 20 years after events of first movie and doesn't have any of the actors of the first movie. Time Enforcement Commission, organization for which timecops work for, has controlling organization Historical Society of Authenticity. HSA want make sure that TEC doesn't change the past. But who controls HSA?

Movie is quite a mess. Writers have taken some parts that worked from first movie, but they didn't understood the concept. TEC tries to keep time consistent and prevent any changes to it. If this is the case, why they send their agents to past to have vacation? Like staying in history for weeks doesn't change time anyway. HSA people seem to spend lot of time in history too. If they were interested keeping changes minimum, they would not spend so much time in past. Only reason why someone doesn't like agents to spend so much time in past, is that it isn't good for their mental health. Someone from future losing his mind in past doesn't change time at all. This is sequel to the movie that got effects of time travelling most convincing.

Name The Berlin Decision comes from main villains attempt to kill Hitler in Berlin year 1940. Main villain Miller works for HSA and he wants to correct wrongs of the past. Killing Hitler angle is quite unoriginal for time travelling story. What makes this stupid is that, Miller wants to kill Hitler, when it was too late to make major changes. Second World War started year before. The holocaust was set in motion before that. Killing Hitler 1940 wouldn't have changed much. Someone with similar views would have taken his place. In worst case that someone would have been more competent. It was kind of weird, that TEC people in time line where Hitler was killed 1940, didn't know why someone would got to Berlin 1940. Would that mean that history was so bloody in that time line, that second world war was not a major event? Could be because in that time line they were at war.

Our hero is Chang, who has a traumatic event in past. He was there when his father was killed. This time our hero doesn't change his own history like happened in first movie. I am not sure, if that is because his father was killed when he got to there or was it because for changing that, he would had to kill younger Miller. Younger and older Miller stays alive. He changes the future telling young Miller that he could change all that happened. Strangling the older Miller after younger Miller had seen older Miller killing Chang father. That may have made the words more effective. Then we are cut to TEC premises, where everything has returned to normal.

My answer to that age old question, if I would kill Hitler, if it was possible. I would not. Germany was pretty much destined to become radical nation after first world war. If it wasn't Hitler, it would have been someone else. If it wasn't Nazis, it would have been something else. Killing one person, even Hitler, would not have changed that. It could have been communists. What would have cold war looked like, if we didn't have second world war and Germany would have been communistic country? Killing someone, even Hitler, doesn't always make things better. If I wanted to use time travel to prevent second world war, I would have done something to change the Treaty of Versailles. That was what ultimately paved the way for someone like Hitler to gain power and start second world war. I guess this went too deep for movie like Timecop 2.

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