Thursday, September 26, 2013

Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child (1963)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils Doctor Who episode An Unearthly Child (1963).

Susan Foreman in fifteen years old girl, who is at different level than other students. But sometimes she forgets everyday things. Two teachers want to figure out why she is like she is. They want to meet her grandfather with whom she lives. But she tells that grandfather doesn't want to meet anyone. They follow her to junkyard where she disappears. When teachers try to find her, strange old man comes to junkyard.

Old man wants to make teachers leave junkyard. Suddenly close by police box opens and teachers hear Susan's voice inside. They rush inside before old man can stop them. Police box is larger on inside and it appears to be some kind of spaceship. Strange old man appears to be Grandfather. Susan and Grandfather tell teachers, that police box is called Tardis and they are aliens cut away from their own world. Then Susan and Grandfather start to argue what they should do with teachers. Susan want to release them and she wants to stay with them, but Grandfather says they can't be released, because they would reveal Grandfather and Susan.

Grandfather starts Tardis and they start their first adventure. An Uneatrhly Child dvd contains four episodes. If you check Wikipedia entry of An Unearthly Child, it also contains four episode. I won't go deeper into those other episodes. In those episodes our heroes meet cavemen during ice age. To me that story is different than An Unearthly Child.

Back to first episode. This episode established many things in Doctor Who lore. Grandfather is the Doctor. Susan and teachers became his first companions. Susan being Doctor's granddaughter made more sense when episode was aired first time than it makes now. By that time regeneration was not established. it is strange that member regenerating species had grandchild when he hasn't regenerated. This comes stranger when we know that Doctor can regenerate to any age. During classic doctors regeneration changed from time to time. It was invented first time because William Hartnell could not continue as Doctor.

When Doctor tells teachers he and Susan are cut away from their world, it probably means, that Tardis is so broken, that they can't set time or place where Tardis enters. Sometimes Doctor can go where he wants and sometimes that is not the case. It depends on story. First episode didn't explain reason, why they were cut away, but that could be likely explanation.

After Doctor and companions survived ice age, they met their first alien race the Daleks. That story is so good one, but I planned to do another Dalek story next time.

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