Monday, September 23, 2013

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Hotel Transylvania (2012).

This was kind of request. Movie has waited for months, because I forgot it and when I remembered it, I expected it to be something I can't write long post about it. Now I finally watched it. It is not bad movie but not great either. It is movie that well oiled movie factory has made.

We have seen basic premise of monsters fearing humans few times before. Also old-time monsters together. This time Dracula has daughter Mavis, he wants to save from humans. He has Hotel, where monsters come to be away from humans. Just before Mavis' 118. birthday one human named Johnny founds the hotel. Dracula want to get rid of Johnny before anyone realizes he is human. How ever Johnny and Mavis fall in love. During the movie Dracula start to like Johnny himself. Monsters also start to like Johnny.

Nitpicking. During the scene where Johnny is revealed to be human, bass guitar string breaks. The string that breaks is thickest string in bass. Bass strings never break. Guitar strings break and even then the thinnest strings are the ones that break. Not the thickest. That ate credibility of movie that had vampires and all kinds of monsters in it.  That is also the moment movie start to make less sense. When monsters learn that Johnny is human, they want to leave the hotel. To where? Somewhere there is much more humans? Hotel was their safe haven and there are less humans even when one managed to get there. They calm down when Dracula says maybe all humans are not bad. Why they listen him in this issue, when they have more experience on humans than Dracula, who have stayed away from humans for years.

When they go after Johnny, there is a scene, where girl werewolf tells where Johnny is going by sniffing his shirt. That was stupid. I know that was joke, but until bass string breaks, there was nothing that couldn't happen in these characters worlds. In real world those things couldn't happen but they were believable. This went too far. There isn't any way that anyone could tell what happens in future by smelling the shirt.

Monster festival. They entered to monster festival and found that some people love them. They show people, that they are the real monsters and people doesn't panic. They are like they met celebrities. That is not how that would go in real world. People can dress as monsters, but that doesn't mean, that they like to meet the real monsters. If we don't stuck to this, why this wasn't used later in movie? I expected there to be party with monsters and humans. That would have grown Dracula and other monsters who feared human. But no. Accepting one human was enough for this movie.

After monster festival Dracula flies long time in direct sunlight. Smoke rises from him and he only damages his clothes. I understand what they wanted to tell, but Dracula was far too long in sunlight. If he can survive that long in sunlight why he doesn't move more in daylight? This was just stupid. Before the bass string, they followed rules of these characters and here they forget them almost completely. Then to last disgrace. Auto-tuned Dracula singing voice. Dracula told earlier that last time he singed was before his wife died, No wonder humans wanted to kill him and his family, if his singing sounded that much like auto-tune. To be honest every thing else in that song is also auto-tuned to death.

I went to ranting mode to get this longer. Movie is not that bad. It is quite good until bass string breaks and even after that there are good moments. Movie doesn't use full potential of the premise, but it looks good and have few good moments. The Twilight joke was funny. There is potential for sequel directed by Tim Burton. Dracula never turned Johnny into vampire. He ages like normal human while Mavis ages slower than humans because she is vampire.

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