Monday, September 2, 2013

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Shoot 'Em Up (2007).

I have to do this because I teased it on my last post. Now that I watched, I realize that there is really nothing to write about. I remembered this to be over the top action movie. It is that, but not as much as I remembered it to be.

The plot is worst I have seen a long time. It is there to tie action scenes together and give bad guys reason to kill our heroes. Plot involves baby factory for a senator and gun manufacturer, who wants to kill babies and kill senator that way. Gun manufacturer want to kill senator because senator supports gun control. Everything revolves around one baby, who was born in middle of gun fight. Mother dies during the fight and our hero Mr Smith has to figure out what to do with baby. I know that sound stupid. It would become more stupid, if I went deeper to details.

The plot is there only to set up action scenes. it wasn't suppose to make sense. We get gun fights at warehouse, at playground, at toilet, at brothel, at gun factory, at another warehouse, while our heroes are having sex, at highway, while hero jumps off the plane, at gun manufacturers house and at ice-cream parlor. Baby is born during first gun fight and is there during most of gun fights. I guess that tells where all effort was put on. Gun fights have interesting angles. For example in toilet fight Mr Smith dropped his gun in toilet seat and during the fight he tries to dry the gun enough that he can shoot with it. In other fight he kills with carrot.

Most interesting character is disgusting hitman played by Paul Giamatti. Mr Smith is too one dimensional. He rather minded his own businesses, but he has to take care of baby. He either doesn't care about anything or he gets really angry about something. It was strange to see Monica Bellucci in this kind of movie. Others are there to be killed.

I think director didn't know should this be over the top action movie or something, that should be taken seriously. I didn't like torture scene at the end. It pulled this movie into more serious territory. Before that movie was brainless action movie. Torture didn't brought any more brains. It didn't felt like rest of the movie and following fight was anti-climatic because our hero couldn't use his gun. This would have been better if they had gone further into brainless over the top action territory.

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