Monday, September 16, 2013

The Dresden Files (2007) and Charlie Jade (2005)

When I wrote Total Recall 2070 post, I was about to buy box-sets of these shows. Then I changed my mind, because I didn't want any more physical media that I watch once. How ever I think I should write something about these, because I dropped the names. This is what I remember from them and I might remember something wrong.

The Dresden Files is X-Flies inspired show about magic. I would not call it total rip-off, because it had only one character and name from X-Files. That one character is police officer Connie Murphy, who is sceptical about magic, but uses services of magic consultant Harry Dresden. She doesn't have as big role as Scully, because this is one man show. That man is outcast wizard Harry Dresden, who owns magic store. No-one seems to like him at first but his actions wins them over. Dresden have comic sidekick spirit called Bob. Bob was captured spirit, that wanted to be released. Even thought he wanted to be free, he rather was captured by Dresden that anyone else.

The Dresden Files wasn't as dark  as trailer let you believe. Show has darker themes but mainly it is about lovable scoundrel solving mysteries using magic. Most episodes followed pattern where Murphy, who didn't believe in magic, came to Dresden for magical consultation. Then Dresden solved case, but Murphy still didn't believe in magic. Main storyline told about Dresden's history and why other wizards didn't like him. Show lasted only 12 episodes. I liked it because I liked special effects, Dresden character and his sidekick Bob.

Charlie Jade was weird show. It has ambitious scifi story, visuals from cheap Blade Runner and story telling from art movies. Large corporation has managed to connect three universes. Alphaverse is Blade Runner like future world. Betaverse is our world or world like our world. I don't remember, if it was mentioned that it is our world. Gammaverse world where humans live in harmony with nature. Alphaverse uses other verses via connection. Terrorists in Gammaverse destroy connection in their verse, which cuts all connections.

Charlie Jade is thrown from Alphaverse to Betaverse, He didn't know about other verses. He tried to find out why he is in this strange world and what happened. He finds out that one man, 01 Boxer, can travel between verses. During the show he learns that talent too.

Story is quite interesting dystopian scifi story containing evil corporation and people whose lives evil corporation has destroyed. I don't remember story good enough to go into more details. To be honest show was quite hard to follow at times. Show lasted 20 episodes. It kind of has ending, but there is possibility for second season which never came. This show is worth checking. It may be hard to follow at times, but in the end it is worth it.

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