Thursday, October 3, 2013

Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks (1975)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils Doctor Who episode Genesis of the Daleks (1975).

On planet Skaro two races, kaleds and thals, have fought each other for thousand years. Both societies are almost collapsing. War has consumed resources, both sides had to use older weapons and gear, because they doesn't have resources to make modern weapons. Planet is waste land. Use of chemical weapons has made race of mutants. Both sides see only one possible end to war, total extermination of the other side.

Time lords, race of the Doctor, sends Doctor to this time to make Daleks less hostile or destroy them completely. Daleks are machine like race seeking to be superior and only race in world. They are nazis of Doctor Who universe. By machine like I mean they are genetically engineered race that use famous robot like suit. This is their origin story.

Kaleds are Nazi race of planet Skaro. They care about purity of race and act and dress like nazis. It is quite strange, how easily they accept Daleks, genetically altered versions of them. Daleks are sold them as final form of kaleds. Daleks are creation of crazy scientists Davros. Davros wanted to create perfect life form. Perfect mean here, best possible for surviving in world by dropping all the weaknesses like feelings. Not perfect by way that they need armors to operate.

Every kaled are not happy with Daleks and how Davros programs them. Some are only upset about programming, but are happy to have Daleks, if they had feelings. Kaled leaders stop Davros, which makes him give thals way to destroy kaleds. Thals are happy to apply and they destroy kaleds, leaving only kaleds inside Davros' bunker alive. When thals celebrate end of thousand year war, Davros sends daleks to destroy them. These moves practically kill both races. We see only men inside Davros' bunker. Kaleds are definitely gone. Thals may have some change. Davros' goal was always to make sure daleks' survival. In the end that is what happens because daleks turn against Davros and kaleds for not being perfect race - daleks.

Story has would you kill baby Hitler to prevent holocaust and second world war moment. Doctor has change to destroy Daleks, but he has second thoughts, when he only need to connect two wires. More interesting scene is when Davros tries to force Doctor to tell him, how daleks have lost their fights to give that knowledge to daleks. That would change the future so that daleks would never lose.

Dvd cover says this is No. 1 Doctor Who story. I don't know when it was voted. I can easily understand why this has won. This has fan favourite classic doctor Tom Baker. It also has fan favourite companion Sarah Jane Smith played by Elisabeth Sladen. Sarah Jane Smith got her own spin-off tv-series when Doctor Who was relaunched. This is also origin story number one Doctor Who villains. Story is darker than regular Doctor Who stories. Michael Wisher is great as Davros and other actors do good job too.

Next week I will write about second favourite villains of Doctor Who. I am not sure which story I will do. Next week it will be time to upgrade yourself.

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