Monday, October 21, 2013

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Drag Me to Hell (2009).

If you have any plans to see this movie, please watch it before reading this. I have to spoil most interesting parts of this movie to make my point. When I watched this first time, I didn't have any intentions to write about this movie. Then I started to consider, if I should write about this. Now that I have horror theme month, I can do this and other horror movie, I have considered doing. Both are much better unspoiled and I will spoil both of them.

Our hero is Christine Brown, loan officer, who is looking for promotion. Her co-worker is also looking for that same promotion. Co-worker seems to spend more time to look good for their boss than actually doing his job. Older gipsy woman is late on her payments. Christine asks her boss, what she should do. Boss tells her, she has to do tough decisions, if she wants to have promotion. Gipsy woman loses her mind, when Christine tells her, she loses her house. She tells Christine that she will beg her later.

Christine has made preparations for big deal. If they can close that deal, Christine will have promotion. After Christine leave work, gipsy woman attacks her and puts curse on her. Demons will play with her, until after three days, they will come for her. Things start to go wrong. They lose the big deal, Christine starts to see things and things don't work out with boyfriend's parents.

Christine does everything to be saved. She tries to contact gipsy woman, only to find out she is dead. She goes to medio, but medio dies during session. Curse is for owner button. Her last change is to give button to someone else and demons will take that someone else to hell instead of her. The button is put into envelope and Christine goes looking for victim. She can't give envelope to anyone and time starts to run out. She can't even give it to her co-worked, who caused them to lose the big deal.

She realizes, she can give curse back to dead gipsy woman. She digs the gipsy woman out of her grave and ceremoniously gives the envelope to her. Next morning everything is better again. Her boss has found that co-worker caused them to lose the big deal. Weather is better. Christine and boyfriend are going to vacation. Boyfriend has envelope which has the button. We learn, Christine gave wrong envelope to gipsy woman. Demons come out of the ground and drag Christine to hell.

Now to the reason why I wanted to write about this movie. What is the message of this movie? Our heroine is woman, who wants to survive in tough banking world and be promoted to position she deserves. She always wants to do the right thing. She wants to help the gipsy woman, but her boss made her do the decision she doesn't want to do. She is damned to hell for doing her job. Then she fights backs and saves herself.

This is what we are told until Christine and boyfriend meet again in the end. There Christine is new woman, who doesn't let things just happen to her, tells boyfriend, she could have given the gipsy woman extension. Right after that demons drag her to hell. Does that mean, she should have given her hopes for promotion to help others? Was her role to be just stepping stone for less qualified others and she shouldn't have wanted better for herself?

I like movies that doesn't have happy ending. There are too many movies with happy ending. But in this case I would have liked happy ending much more. Movie told interesting growing story and in the end it didn't mean anything. Christine's life wasn't perfect at the beginning. She worked to improve her situation and as a reward she was taken to hell. What a nice uplifting story we got here.

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