Monday, October 14, 2013

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This Post spoils movie Resident Evil: Retribution (2012).

I really liked first Resident Evil movie. It had interesting story. Interesting characters. Phasing worked. Every movie after that has been worse than previous. This is fifth Resident Evil movie. I have hard time understanding why these are so popular. I am one to blame, because I have these on blu ray. But I am movie collector who liked the first movie. Lousy hobby. You have to buy things you don't like to have complete collection. Problem of this series is that every movie tries to be more extreme that previous. Story has gone quite stupid by now. I haven't played the games, so I don't know how much of this stupidity is from games and how much of it is original to this movie series. I might do theme month or something when sixth and final movie is released. I already have done Dark Knight twice. I think I can do this twice too. Even when this is not as good as The Dark Knight.

Remember the cliffhanger at end of Afterlife. No? Well, that doesn't matter, because Alice is captured and everyone else is killed in few minutes. After that there is nothing from Afterlife. Alice wakes up as different person in normal life, but that doesn't last long because of zombie apocalypse. Alice and her husband are killed. Her daughter survives. Then we cut to real Alice, who is in high-tech cell. From this point on this feels more like watching someone playing video game than watching real movie. This movie series is based on video games, but I rather watch movie that someone else playing video game.

Someone boots the computers and Alice is released from cell. Like in video game, she doesn't know what is going on. On first level she witnesses zombie outbreak in Tokio. She barely escapes that and enter controlling room. There she meet Ada Wong with Wesker on monitors. Wesker has now changed sides and is on side of good guys. I have to watch Afterlife, if I wanted to rant how little this make sense in context of the movie series. So I leave that to when I do the series. I really don't want to watch Afterlife, if I don't have to.

Ada and Wesker tell Alice that they are on Umbrella testing facility. There are various testing rooms modelled after big cities and one for suburban. They tell that this all is controlled by Red Queen, who doesn't want to let Alice out alive. Ada and Alice have to go through testing rooms to meet rescue team. Needles to say that every room is like level on video game with different kind of enemies. All enemies are something that they shouldn't have any change against. Fight scenes are more posing and slow motion than anything realistic. We see many characters from past movies or their clones. I leave ranting, how little it makes sense of having clones of some characters from previous movies, to time when I revisit this movie. To be honest I am not sure that every old character made it out of previous movies. But to check that out I have to watch those movies again and I don't want to do it this time.

On one level we meet fake Alice's daughter, who thinks Alice is her mother. She is deaf. Without any explanation Alice can speak sign language. I don't remember she had done that before. But now she can do that like it is not a big deal. That was just stupid, because daughter didn't have to be deaf. If she was deaf for some reason, little explanation, why Alice knew sign language, would have been nice. Or was this hint that Alice was clone herself. Nothing else indicated that. And that would have made this movie much more interesting.

What should I tell you about final fight? It is kind of annoying, when movie shows with CGI, how our heroes break their bones and next second they fight like nothing happened. Because of that, I am not sure, if one of our heroes died during the fight or not. He is not in following scenes, but no-one acted like he died. I guess they were too busy posing unrealistically. After our heroes win final fight there is time to build up next movie. Heroes are flown to White House or what is left of it. There Alice meet Wesker, who injects T-Virus to Alice. Then he takes Alice and other to roof where he tells that this is last stand for humans. Then we see how White house is surrounded by zombies and dragons and other monsters. Our heroes pose like they didn't see this when they came to White House.

Every movie in this series has been worse than previous and I expect next to follow this trend. Where they can go from this? We have seen Red Queen capable of mass-produce clones and turn them into zombies and other monsters. Last humans are inside remains of White House. Does it sound like humans have change? Next movie is scheduled for 2014. Only one year and we know how stupid this will get.

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