Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor (2013)

"Hello sweetie, spoilers..."

Wow! Just wow! This was made for Doctor Who fans. Others won't understand, why this episode is so cool. In Doctor Who time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. It doesn't move linear from cause to effect. That is why all The Doctors could have made calculations for saving Gallifrey and never remember doing so. And that is why we whovians can like this episode, even when there are such a continuity errors in this episode. There was convenient memory loss explained, but to do the calculation, they had to know, what they were doing before the memory loss.

That could have been left out of the episode. It was there to give something for fans of classic Doctor Who. Three Doctors could have done that like they did with sonic screwdrivers earlier. Or it could have been four Doctors with 12th coming from the future. We did see few seconds of Peter Capaldi's Doctor. Another present for whovians. A little teaser of things to come, but not actually showing, what he will be looking like.  There was rumour that Peter Capaldi would be in this episode. That turned out to be true.

Presents didn't end there. There was rumor that one of the classic Doctors would appear. All of them were there in archive footage and in CGI. But most liked classic Doctor Who actor Tom Baker had role in this episode. Another wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing in big picture, but this was 50th anniversary episode and party full of presents for whovians, rather than episode which takes itself too seriously. It was serious, if you don't count presents to whovians. I don't want to rant about presents. They were cool and I can live with fact, that they didn't make much sense in big picture. I think Tom Baker was coolest thing in the episode. He was longest running Doctor and most popular one with David Tennant. There were presents too numerous to mention in this post. And it was cool.

I feared, I couldn't enjoy this episode fullest, because I haven't seen last season and this would be filled with action. Latter fear was because of trailers. Neither thing happened. This episode didn't require knowledge of last season and I think, you could enjoy this without knowing Doctor Who. You would miss all the stuff I told earlier, but you could enjoy the episode. Action was at regular Doctor Who level and mood didn't went too dark even during time war scenes.

Episode happened during the last day of Time War. The day when Doctor destroyed both Daleks and Time lords. Doctor is starting ultimate weapon, when interface of weapon shows, what are the consequences of his actions. He will meet tenth and eleventh Doctor. This meeting and their adventure together doesn't change mind of Doctor. But it makes tenth and eleventh Doctor to realize, Doctor didn't have any other change. Tenth and eleventh Doctor came to share the burden of Doctor and press the button.

Clara talks eleventh Doctor out of it. Eleventh has had longest time to think about this and he has idea, how they could save the Gallifrey and time lords, if they change time. They will freeze Gallifrey in time and that would make Daleks firing each others when they try to destroy it. Doctors have made calculations to freeze Gallifrey from first Doctor to 12th Doctor. When 12th Doctor comes, their plan succeed. I think, it will be 12th Doctor, who saved the Gallifrey since he had latest calculations. I think, all this will be explained during 12th Doctor's run. There is only christmas special left for 11th Doctors run. So all this was set up for 12th Doctors run. As christmas special will probably be too.

This episode changed the playing field. Since relaunch, Time War and Doctor killing Daleks and Time Lords, was defining factor of Doctor's run. Time War is still there, but now it has ended differently. What happened to time lock and how things have changed because ending is different now? How many Daleks survive and what they do now? This builded hype for christmas special and 12th Doctor's run. I am again excited about Doctor Who. That wasn't always the case during eleventh Doctor's run.

There was no Captain Jack Harkness, ninth Doctor or Timothy Dalton.There were rumors of Captain Jack being there, but we only got mention of him and saw one of his devices. It was informed earlier that ninth Doctor wouldn't be there. He would have fitted the story, but he would have changed the dynamics. As Captain Jack would have done. Tennant and Smith had great dynamics. This was best performance from Matt Smith I have seen. I waited Timothy Dalton, because he was leading Time Lords during the Time War. He was in one special episode, where Time Lords tried to break free from time lock.

This is now my favourite Doctor Who story. It is worthy of 50th anniversary episode. I have to find analyzes of this episodes. I want to know, why one character had fourth Doctor's scarf. Is the actress related to Tom Baker? Episode had so much presents for whovians that I definitely have missed some of them.

Spoiler warning is stolen from Geeks of Doom. It was so clever, I had to use it myself too.

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